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Environment Committee

The Environment Committee examines all aspects of the capital’s environment by reviewing the Mayor’s strategies on air quality, water, waste, climate change and energy. The committee looks at what additional measures could be taken to help improve the quality of life for Londoners and investigates topics ranging from airport expansion and burst water mains, to noise from the Night Tube and the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles.

Current investigations

Air pollution in London 

The Committee continues to add to its extensive body of work around the topic of air pollution.

Find out more about the Committee's work on air pollution

Waste management

The Committee is investigating aspects of London's waste generation, handling and disposal.

Read more about the investigation

Waste: Household Recycling - Environment Committee

Park life: ensuring green spaces remain a hit with Londoners

Recent work

  • Highlighted the importance of increasing London's housing recycling levels in a report, 'Waste: Household recycling'
  • Published an updated response to the Government's draft Aviation National Policy Statement.
  • The Committee responded to to the Draft London Environment Strategy in November 2017.
  • The Committee published its report, 'Waste:The Circular Economy' in September.
  • In September, the Committee put questions to the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy and other guests about the Mayor's Draft Environment Strategy for London. 
  • In July, the Committee published its report, 'Park life'. The report looks at what measures should be taken to protect and improve the capital’s green spaces.
  • The Committee responded to the latest ULEZ consultation at the end of June.
  • The Committee published its response to the national Air Quality Plan consultation in June..
  • In May, the Committee responded to the draft Aviation National Policy Statement.
  • The committee questioned representatives from Thames Water, among other guests, about sewage leaks into the Thames and its tributaries as well as incidents of flooding caused by burst water mains.
  • The committee published its report, 'Getting Warmer' in May. The report examines what the Mayor can do to reduce domestic carbon emissions and fuel poverty in the capital.
  • In April, the Committee published its report, 'Bottled Water' which examines the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles and makes recommendations to reduce the effects.

Committee meetings

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Contact the Environment Committee

If you have a media enquiry relating to the Committee please contact:                 

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Lisa Lam
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If you have a query about the Committee and its work please contact:

Scrutiny Manager - Ian Williamson, [email protected], 020 7983 6541

Committee Officer - Clare Bryant, [email protected], 020 7983 4616                                   

To speak to the Mayor's Office about environmental issues, please contact: 020 7983 4000