Environment Committee

The Environment Committee looks at what additional measures could be taken to help improve the quality of life for Londoners and investigates topics ranging from airport expansion and burst water mains, to noise from the Night Tube and the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles.

What the Environment Committee does

What the Environment Committee does

Current investigations

Green belt farming in London

Nearly a quarter of London’s area is Green Belt. Depending on how it is used, this land can help to cool the city, absorb air pollution, soak up flood water and provide habitat for wildlife and access to the countryside for urban people. The Environment Committee investigated how sustainable food growing in the Green Belt can be promoted and supported. 

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Farming in London’s Green Belt

Recent work

Cold and Damp Homes, 6 December

Following a site visit to Thamesmead, the London Assembly Environment Committee explored the issue of cold and damp homes in London to understand if energy efficiency programmes, including those offered by the Mayor, were making a meaningful difference to Londoners’ lives.

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Environmental Impacts of Airports and Aviation, 8 November 2018

Two of London’s airports - London City and Heathrow - are planning major expansions to keep pace with the market. But with these developments comes an increased risk of nuisance to Londoners. More flights produce more noise and more carbon emissions.

At a public meeting, the Environment Committee discussed how London City Airport aims to minimise aircraft noise at London City Airport following flight path changes and traffic increases; and how Heathrow plans to contribute to the UK’s strategy to tackle climate change.

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Investigating Embodied Carbon, 20 September 2018

London’s buildings begin to generate carbon long before any ribbon is cut. The manufacture of building materials, their transport to the site and construction all contribute damaging emissions. 

At a public meeting, the Committee discussed, with expert guests, carbon emissions from parts of the building life cycle including materials production and construction, and potentially demolition and materials disposal.

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Environment Committee on a site visit to Thamesmead

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Recent actions

Environmental Impacts of Airports and Aviation

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