Environment Committee

The Environment Committee looks at what additional measures could be taken to help improve the quality of life for Londoners and investigates topics ranging from airport expansion and burst water mains, to noise from the Night Tube and the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles.

What the Environment Committee does

What the Environment Committee does

Current investigations

Green belt farming in London

Nearly a quarter of London’s area is Green Belt. Depending on how it is used, this land can help to cool the city, absorb air pollution, soak up flood water and provide habitat for wildlife and access to the countryside for urban people. The Environment Committee is investigating how sustainable food growing in the Green Belt can be promoted and supported. Find out more.

Air pollution in London 

Find out more about the Committee's work on air pollution

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Recent work

Committee meetings

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Contact the Environment Committee

If you have a media enquiry relating to the Committee please contact:                 

Communications Officer - Media:
Giles Broadbent
g[email protected]
020 7983 4067          

If you have a query about the Committee and its work please contact:

Scrutiny Manager - Ian Williamson, [email protected], 020 7983 6541

Committee Officer - Clare Bryant, [email protected], 020 7983 4616                                   

To speak to the Mayor's Office about environmental issues, please contact: 020 7983 4000