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EiP Library

The draft new London Plan EiP Library includes the evidence base that supports the draft new London Plan and all representations submitted in response to the consultation. Panel notes and any other documentation considered necessary or desirable by the Panel of inspectors will be added in due course.

Consultation Responses on the draft new London Plan

On 13 August 2018 the Mayor published a version of the draft Plan that includes his minor suggested changes. These suggested changes have been prepared following a review of consultation responses, and consist of clarifications, corrections and factual updates to the draft Plan that will help inform the EiP. Therefore comments on them are not being invited.

Draft new London Plan showing Minor Suggested Changes

This page will be updated during the course of the EiP process. The references of new additions are marked in Bold.

Mayor's Documents

Core Documents

Ref. Title
NLP/CD/01  Draft New London Plan (website) (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/CD/02 Integrated Impact Assessment Scoping Report (GLA, Feb 2017)
NLP/CD/03 Integrated Impact Assessment summary of consultation responses - Scoping Report  (GLA)
NLP/CD/04               Integrated Impact Assessment for the draft New London Plan (Arup for GLA, Nov 2017
NLP/CD/05 London Plan IIA Addendum Report  (Arup for GLA, Jul 2018) 
NLP/CD/06 Draft London Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment (AECOM for GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/CD/07 London Plan HRA Update Report (AECOM for GLA, July 2018)
NLP/CD/08 Draft new London Plan showing Minor Suggested Changes -(website) (GLA, Aug 2018)
NLP/CD/09 Table of Changes - Minor Suggested Changes to the Draft new London Plan (GLA Note this document was updated on 25th September 2018)


Topic Papers

Ref. Title
NLP/TP/01 Specialist Older Person Housing in London (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/TP/02 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation (GLA, 2017)
NLP/TP/03 Housing Density (GLA, 2017)
NLP/TP/04 Waste (GLA, Jan 2018)
NLP/TP/05 Energy (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/TP/06 Hot Food Takeaways (GLA, Jan 2018)


Background Documents


Ref. Title
NLP/DEM/001                  GLA 2016-based Trend Projection Results (GLA Intelligence, Jul 2017) 
NLP/DEM/002 GLA 2016-based population projections; Explanatory note and results for the Wider South East (GLA Intelligence, Jul 2017) 
NLP/DEM/003 GLA Trend-based Projections Methodology: 2016-based population projections (GLA Intelligence, Nov 2017)
NLP/DEM/004 Experimental Employment-led Projections: Technical Note (GLA Intelligence, Jul 2018) 


Spatial Development Patterns

Ref. Title
NLP/PP/001                   Accommodating London's Growth Main Report (OLC, Mar 2016)
NLP/PP/002 Outer London Commission - Co-ordinating Strategic Policy and Infrastructure across the Wider South East (OLC, Mar 2016)
NLP/PP/003 Work and life in the Central Activities Zone, northern part of the Isle of Dogs and their fringes (GLA Economics, Aug 2015)
NLP/PP/004  CAZ small offices and mixed-use development (Ramidus Consulting, Aug 2015)
NLP/PP/005 High Streets for all (GLA Rgeneration, Sept 2017)
NLP/PP/006 Understanding London's Markets (GLA Regeneration, Nov 2017)
NLP/PP/007 Wider South East collaboration (website)
NLP/PP/008  (Previously GLA 2016-based Trend Projection Results - moved to NLP/DEM/001)
NLP/PP/009 (Previously London Environment Strategy - moved to NLP/SI/025)
NLP/PP/010 Planning Practice Guidance; Duty to cooperate (Paragraph: 007 Reference ID: 9-007-2040306) (website) (Now integrated into guidance on Plan-making) (DCLG, March 2014)
NLP/PP/011 Locally-Led Garden Villages, Town and Cities (DCLG, March 2016)



Ref. Title
NLP/DE/001                       Growing London (MDAG, 2016)
NLP/DE/002 Public London (MDAG, 2016)
NLP/DE/003 Ageing London (MDAG, 2016)
NLP/DE/004 Shaping London (MDAG, 2016
NLP/DE/005                                 London Plan Review Project No.3 - Characteristics of London's Historic Environment (LUC for Historic England, Aug 2016)
NLP/DE/006 London Plan Density Research Project No.1: Defining Measuring and Implementing Density Standards in London (LSE, July 2016)
NLP/DE/007 London Plan Density Research Project No.2&3: Lessons from Higher Density Development (Three Dragons et al, Sept 2016)
NLP/DE/008 London Plan Density Research Project No.2&3: Lessons from Higher Density Development Technical Report (Three Dragons et al, Sept 2016)
NLP/DE/009 GLA Density Project 4: Exploring Character and Development Density Final Report (Arup, May 2016)
NLP/DE/010 London Plan Density Research Project 5: Why else is density important? (LSE, Jul 2016)
NLP/DE/011 Connectivity data to inform spatial planning - Exploratory Analysis (TfL Plannning, 2016)
NLP/DE/012 London Plan Review Project No.4 - Local Character and Density (Allies & Morrison/Historic England, Aug 2016)
NLP/DE/013 Historic England Advice Note 4 - Tall Buildings (Historic England, Dec 2015)



Ref. Title
NLP/HOU/001                                             Strategic Housing Market Assessment (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/HOU/002 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/HOU/003 Housing SPG (GLA, Mar 2016)
NLP/HOU/004 Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance (GLA, Aug 2017) 
NLP/HOU/005 Removing the Barriers to Housing Delivery (OLC, Mar 2016)
NLP/HOU/006 Housing Standards Review Viability Assessment (David Lock Associates, May 2015)
NLP/HOU/007 Housing Standards Review Viability Assessment Appendices (GLA, May 2015)
NLP/HOU/008 Housing space standards (HATC, Aug 2006)
NLP/HOU/009 Housing Design Standards evidence summary (GLA, July 2010)
NLP/HOU/010   Housing Standards Review: Evidence of need study (GLA, May 2015)
NLP/HOU/011 Technical housing standards - nationally described space standard (DCLG, Mar 2015)
NLP/HOU/012 Report on the Examination in Public into the Minor Alterations to the London Plan (PINS, Dec 2015)
NLP/HOU/013 One hundred years of housing space standards: What now? (Julia Park, Jan 2017)
NLP/HOU/014 Planning Practice Guidance, Planning obligations (Paragraph:031 Reference ID: 23b-031-20161116) (website) (DCLG, May 2016)
NLP/HOU/015 The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010, Article 2 (2010)
NLP/HOU/016 Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (SI 2010 No 948), Regulation 122(2). Crown Copyright (2010)
NLP/HOU/017 London Housing Strategy (GLA, May 2018)
NLP/HOU/018 Pursuant to the Deregulation Act 2015 (Sections 44 and 45: Short-term use of London accommodation: relaxation of restrictions and power to relax restrictions (2015)
NLP/HOU/019a                                   Strategic Planning for student housing in London: Recommendations (March 2014)
NLP/HOU/019b Notes of Academic Forum meeting on 26 January 2015   (Jan 2015)
NLP/HOU/019c   Affordable student accommodation planning guidance discussion paper January 2015 (with January 2016 Addendum) (Jan 2015)
NLP/HOU/019d Notes of Academic Forum meeting on 2 December 2016 (Dec 2016)
NLP/HOU/019e Presentation from Academic Forum on 2 December 2016 (Dec 2016)
NLP/HOU/019f Notes of Academic Forum meeting on 14 July 2017 (Jul 2017)
NLP/HOU/019g Presentation from Academic Forum on 14 July 2017 (Jul 2017)
NLP/HOU/020 Student population projections and accommodation need for new London Plan 2017 (amended October 2018) (GLA, 2018) 
NLP/HOU/021 Student Accommodation Survey (LUHS, 2015)
NLP/HOU/022 Accessible design features in specialist older persons housing (Three Dragons, Jan 2018)
NLP/HOU/023 Older Persons Housing Benchmarks: assessing future potential demand for older persons housing, care homes and dementia housing in London (Three Dragons, Nov 2017)
NLP/HOU/024 Statement from the Mayor of London on Minor Alteration to the London Plan (MALP) EiP Matter 1 -Housing Standards (GLA, 2015)
NLP/HOU/025 Space standards: the benefit (UCL, Apr 2010)
NLP/HOU/026 London Housing Design Guide (GLA, Aug 2010)
NLP/HOU/027 Mayor of London response to DCLG consultation on planning for the right homes in the right places (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/HOU/028 Older Londoners and the London Plan: Looking To 2050 (GLA, 2016)
NLP/HOU/029 Shaping Neighbourhoods Accessible London: achieving an inclusive environment SPG (GLA, Oct 2014)
NLP/HOU/030 Assessing potential demand for older persons housing in London (Three Dragons/Celandine Strategic Housing, Mar 2014)
NLP/HOU/031 Quick reference guide to regulated acuities by type of service (Care Quality Commission, Feb 2015)
NLP/HOU/032 Housing with Care: Guidance on regulated activities for providers of supported living and extra care housing (Care Quality Commission, Oct 2015) 


Social Infrastructure

Ref. Title
NLP/SO/001                Strategic Assessment of Need  - Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) Provision in London 2017-41 (Sport England, Sept 2017)
NLP/SO/002 Strategic Assessment of Need  - Sports Hall Provision in London 2017-41 (Sport England, Sept 2017)
NLP/SO/003 Strategic Assessment of Need - Swimming Pools Provision in London 2017-41 (Sport England, Sept 2017)
NLP/SO/004 Audit of London Burial Provision (Cemetery Research Group for GLA, 2010)
NLP/SO/005 Demand for childcare in London - drivers and projections (GLA Economics, March 2018)
NLP/SO/006 2018 GLA School Place Demand Projections (GLA Intelligence, March 2018)
NLP/SO/007 NHS Workforce Statistics  (website) (NHS Digital, April 2018)
NLP/SO/008 General Practice Forward View (NHS England, Apr 2016) 
NLP/SO/009 The London Health Inequalities Strategy (GLA, Sept 2018)



Ref. Title
NLP/EC/001  Economic Evidence Base 2016 (GLA Economics, Nov 2016)
NLP/EC/002 London Labour Market Projections (GLA Economics, Aug 2017)
NLP/EC/002a London Employment Sites Database (CAG Consultants, May 2017)
NLP/EC/003                       London Industrial Land Demand Study (CAG Consultants et al, Oct 2017)
NLP/EC/004 London Office Policy Review (Ramidus Consulting et al, Jun 2017)
NLP/EC/005 Vacant Ground floor in new mixed-use development (Maccreanor Lavington, Dec 2016)
NLP/EC/006 London Industrial Land Supply and Economy Study (AECOM, Mar 2016)
NLP/EC/006a    London Industrial Land Supply and Economy Study: Appendices (AECOM, Mar 2016)
NLP/EC/007 Consumer Expenditure and Comparison Goods Floorspace Need in London (Experian, Oct 2017)
NLP/EC/008 Consumer Expenditure and Comparison Goods Floorspace Need in London - Final Scenarios  (Excel document) (Experian, Oct 2017) 
NLP/EC/009 Supporting places of work: incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces (URS, Ramidus, #1Seed and Gort Scott, 2014)
NLP/EC/010 London Industrial Intensification Primer (GLA, Jan 2017)
NLP/EC/011 Projections of demand and supply for visitor accommodation in London (GLA Economics, Apr 2017)
NLP/EC/012 Projections of demand and supply for accessible hotel rooms in London (GLA Economics, Nov 2017)
NLP/EC/013 London Town Centre Health Check Analysis (GLA, Jan 2018)
NLP/EC/013a London Town Centre Health Check Report Appendix 3  (Excel document) (GLA, Jan 2018)
NLP/EC/013b London Town Centre Health Check Report Appendix 4 (website) (GLA, Jan 2018)
NLP/EC/014 Strategic evidence to support London's nationally significant office locations (website) (GLA, Feb 2018)
NLP/EC/015 Land for Industry and Transport Strategy Supplementary Planning Guidance (GLA, Sept 2012)
NLP/EC/016 From Evidence into Action: Opportunities to Protect and Improve the Nation's Health (Public Health England, Oct 2014) 
NLP/EC/017 Fast Food Map (Public Health England, Oct 2016)
NLP/EC/018 The Healthier Catering Commitment  (website)
NLP/EC/019 Understanding London's Markets (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/EC/020 London Infrastructure Plan  (GLA, Jul 2014)
NLP/EC/20a London Infrastructure Plan 2050: update report  (GLA, Mar 2015)
NLP/EC/021 The cost of London's long-term infrastructure (Arup for GLA, July 2014)
NLP/EC/022 Transport Investment Strategy (Department for Transport, July 2017)
NLP/EC/023 Political Economy of Infrastructure in the UK (Miguel Coelho and Vigyan Ratnoo with Sebastian Dellepiane) 
NLP/EC/024 The National Infrastructure Plan (HM Treasury, Dec 2014)
NLP/EC/025 Office to residential changes of use through permitted development rights (GLA - London Development Database, May 2018)
NLP/EC/026 Industrial Land and Transport Study (Peter Brett Associates, Oct 2017) 
NLP/EC/027 The Mayor's Draft Economic Development Strategy for London (GLA, Dec 2017) 
NLP/EC/028 Skills for Londoners Strategy (GLA, Jun 2018) 
NLP/EC/029 Devolution: a capital idea (London Finance Commission, Jan 2017)
NLP/EC/030 National Infrastructure Assessment (NIC, Jul 2018)
NLP/EC/031 We Made That, Savills, Feasibility, Industrial Intensification and Co-location study (GLA, Oct 2018)
NLP/EC/032 Analysis of plot ratios in industrial development in London 2011-2018 (GLA, Oct 2018)


Heritage and Culture

Ref.  Title
NLP/HC/001   An A-Z of Planning and Culture (GLA, Oct 2015)
NLP/HC/002                   Analysis of the impact of business rates revaluation on grassroots music venues in London (Nordcity, Apr 2017)
NLP/HC/003 Artists’ Workspace Study (GLA, Sept 2014)
NLP/HC/004 Closing Time: London's Public Houses (GLA Economics, Apr 2017)
NLP/HC/005 Creating Artists’ Workspace (GLA, Sept 2014)
NLP/HC/006 Creative Enterprise Zones Prospectus (GLA, Dec 2017) 
NLP/HC/007 Culture on the High Street (GLA, Jun 2013)
NLP/HC/008 From Good Night to Great Night – a vision for London as a 24-hour city (GLA, Jul 2017)
NLP/HC/009 Good Practice Guide for improving culture, arts and sporting opportunities through planning (TCPA, Jun 2013)
NLP/HC/010 Improving Places – Culture and Business Improvement Districts (GLA, Arts England & King's College London, Nov 2017)
NLP/HC/011                Keeping Local (Steve O'Connell AM)
NLP/HC/012 London's creative industries (GLA Economics, July 2017 update)
NLP/HC/013 London's Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan (GLA, Oct 2015)
NLP/HC/014a London Views Management Framework Part 1: River Prospects (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/HC/014b London Views Management Framework Part 2: London Panoramras, Linear and Townscape Views (GLA , Nov 2017) 
NLP/HC/015 Pubs and Places - the social value of community pubs (Institute for Public Policy Research, Jan 2012)
NLP/HC/016 Pubs are for Everyone (British Beer & Pub Association, 2016)
NLP/HC/017 Rescue Plan for London's Grassroots Music Venues (GLA, Jan 2017) 
NLP/HC/018 Take a closer look - a cultural tourism vision for London 2015 (GLA, 2017)
NLP/HC/019 World Cities Culture Report (GLA, Bloombery Philanthropies, BOP Consulting, 2015)
NLP/HC/020 The Mayor's Culture Strategy (draft for consultation) (GLA, Mar 2018) 
NLP/HC/021 Report of joint ICOMOS & ICCROM Reactive Monitoring Mission to Westminster World Heritage Site 2017 (ICOMOS & ICCROM, Jun 2017)


Green Infrastructure

Ref. Title
NLP/GI/001                     Urban Greening Factor for London Final Report (The Ecology Consultancy, Jul 2017)
NLP/GI/002 Sites of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (LUC, Dec 2016)
NLP/GI/003 The London Plan Habitat Targets: a review of progress and forward recommendations (GIGI/London Wildlife Trust, Mar 2017) 
NLP/GI/004 Natural Capital Accounts for Public Green Spaces in London (GLA, Oct 2017)
NLP/GI/005 Valuing London's Urban Forest - Results of the London i-Tree Eco Project (Treeconomics, 2015)


Sustainable Infrastructure

Ref. Title
NLP/SI/001                                  London's strategic infrastructure requirements - an evidence base to help deliver the Mayoral Strategies  (Arup, Jul 2017) 
NLP/SI/002                    Infrastructure Mapping Application (website) (GLA)
NLP/SI/003 Forecasts for Household and Commercial & Industrial Waste (Report 1 - GLA Waste Arisings Models) (SLR, Mar 2017)
NLP/SI/004 Forecasts for Construction, Demolition and Excavation and Hazardous Waste (Report 2 - CDEW & Hazardous Waste Forecasts) (SLR, Mar 2017)
NLP/SI/005 A data report setting out information on waste movements into and out of London, how wast is managed (Report 3 - Strategic Waste Data) (SLR, Mar 2017)
NLP/SI/006 Task 4 - Updating the appointment method: Methodology Report (SLR, Mar 2017)
NLP/SI/006a Task 4 - Updating the appointment method: Methodology Report Appendix 1 (SLR, Mar 2017
NLP/SI/006b Task 4 - Updating the appointment method; Methodology Report Appendix 2 Consultation Summary (SLR, Mar 2017) 
NLP/SI/007 London circular economy route map (London Waste and Recycling Board, Jun 2017)
NLP/SI/008 London Carbon Offset Price (AECOM, Jun 2017)
NLP/SI/009 The Future Role of the London Plan in the Delivery of Area-Wide District Heating - final report (Buro Happold, Jun 2017) 
NLP/SI/010 The Future Role of the London Plan in Delivery of Area-Wide District Heating - executive summary (Buro Happold, Jun 2017) 
NLP/SI/011 Driving Energy Efficiency Savings Through the London Plan - data analysis report (Buro Happold, Aug 2017)
NLP/SI/012 Driving Energy Efficiency Savings Through the London Plan - summary report (Buro Happold, Aug 2017)
NLP/SI/013 AECOM - GLA energy efficiency target - development case studies (GLA, Nov 2017)
NLP/SI/014 Draft Regional Flood Risk Appraisal (This document was open for consultation alongside the New London Plan) (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/SI/015 Planning Practice Guidance - Housing:optional technical standards (Paragraph:014 Reference ID:56-014-20150327) (website) (DCLG, March 2015)
NLP/SI/016 The Control of Dust and Emissions During Construction and Demolition Supplementary Planning Guidance (GLA, July 2014)
NLP/SI/017 Thames & London Waterways Forum's Freight & Development Working Group: Terms and Reference (Thames & London Waterways Forum, Dec 2017)
NLP/SI/018 Thames & London Waterways Forum's Freight & Development Working Group: note of first meeting December 2017 (Thames & London Waterways Forum, Dec 2017)
NLP/SI/019 Low Carbon Heat: Heat Pumps in London (Etude, Sept 2018)
NLP/SI/020 Communal Heating Consumer Survey (GLA, Oct 2018)
NLP/SI/021 Pilot study on the air quality impacts from Combined Heat and Power in London (Ricardo Energy & Environment, Sept 2018)
NLP/SI/022 Urban air pollution from combined heat and power plants: A measurement-based investigation (Kings College London, Apr 2018)
NLP/SI/023 Energy Monitoring Report: Monitoring the implementation of London Plan energy policies in 2017 (GLA, Oct 2018)
NLP/SI/024 Carbon offset funds: Greater London Authority guidance for London's Local Planning Authorities on establishing carbon offset funds (GLA, Oct 2018)
NLP/SI/025 London Environment Strategy (website) (GLA, May 2018)
NLP/SI/025a London Environment Strategy: Appendix 2 Evidence Base (GLA, May 2018)
NLP/SI/026 Regional Flood Risk Appraisal (GLA, Sept 2018)
NLP/SI/027 London Sustainable Drainage Action Plan (GLA, Dec 2016)
NLP/SI/028 Thames River Basin District Flood Risk Management Plan (EA, Dec 2015 updated)
NLP/SI/029 Water Stressed Areas - final classification (Defra/EA, Jul 2013) 
NLP/SI/030 Thames Estuary 2100 Plan (EA, Nov 2012) 
NLP/SI/031 Safeguarded Wharves Review 2018 Consultation Draft (GLA, May 2018) 
NLP/SI/032 Forecasting London's Freight Demand and Wharf Capacity on the Thames 2015-2041 (OSC, Dec 2016) 
NLP/SI/033 The Vision for Tidal Thames (Port of London Authority, 2016)
NLP/SI/034 Digital Connectivity Guidance (website) (GLA)
NLP/SI/035 London Connectivity Map (GLA)
NLP/SI/036 Smarter London Together  (GLA, Jun 2018)
NLP/SI/037 Zero Carbon Energy Systems (Element Energy, Sept 2018)
NLP/SI/038 Energy Assessment Guidance (GLA, Oct 2018) 1
NLP/SI/039 Air quality focus areas methodology (Nov 2016)
NLP/SI/040 Revised Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019 - Technical Report (Thames Water, Oct 2018)
NLP/SI/041 Local Aggregate Assessment for London (GLA, June 2018)

1Paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 have been amended to provide additional clarity on the use of SAP 10 emission factors following on from BRE's publication of a draft SAP 10 methodology. The guidance confirms that as BRE's methodology is in draft form planning applicants should continue to use the currently Building Regulations methodology but with the outputs manually converted for the SAP 10 emission factor. It also confirms that the new approach to emission factors is for demonstrating performance against planning policy targets only, not for complying with Building Regulations


Ref. Title 
NLP/TR/001                                     Mayor's Transport Strategy (GLA, Mar 2018)
NLP/TR/002 Strategic Transport Modelling Report (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/TR/003 Residential Car Parking (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/TR/004 Cycle Parking (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/TR/005 Travel in London Report 10 (TfL/GLA, 2017)
NLP/TR/005a Travel in London Report 10 data (TfL/GLA, 2017)
NLP/TR/006 Travel in London Report 9 (TfL/GLA, 2016)
NLP/TR/006a Travel in  London Report 9 data (TfL/GLA, 2016)
NLP/TR/007 Travel in London Report 8 (TfL/GLA, 2015)
NLP/TR/007a Travel in London Report 8 data (TfL/GLA, 2015)
NLP/TR/008 Travel in London Report 7 (TfL/GLA, 2014)
NLP/TR/008a Travel in London Report 7 data (TfL/GLA, 2014)
NLP/TR/009 Travel in London Report 6 (TfL/GLA, 2013)
NLP/TR/009a                   Travel in London Report 6 data (TfL/GLA, 2013)
NLP/TR/010 Analysis of Cycling Potential 2016: Policy Analysis Report (TfL/GLA, Mar 2017)
NLP/TR/011 Analysis of Walking Potential 2016: Policy Analysis Report  (TfL/GLA, Mar 2017)
NLP/TR/012 Long-term trends in travel behaviour: Cross-sectional cohort analysis of London residents' trip rate, car ownership and work-related travel (TfL, Sept 2014)
NLP/TR/013 Residential Parking Problem Provision in New Developments (TfL, 2012)
NLP/TR/014 Healthy Streets Explained (TfL) 
NLP/TR/015 Mayor's Transport Strategy: challenges and opportunites for London's transport network 2041 (TfL, Jul 2017)
NLP/TR/016 Mayor's Transport Strategy: Outcomes summary report (TfL, Jul 2017)
NLP/TR/16a Mayor's Transport Strategy: Outcomes summary report addendum (TfL)
NLP/TR/017 The Health Impact of Cars in London (GLA, Sept 2015) 



Ref. Title
NLP/VI/001   London Plan Viability Study (GLA, Dec 2017)
NLP/VI/002 London Plan Viability Study Technical Report (GLA, Dec 2017) 
NLP/VI/003 Summary of Consultation Comments on the London Plan Viability Study (GLA, July 2018)
NLP/VI/004 London Plan Viability Study Addendum Report (GLA, Nov 2018)



Ref. Title
NLP/MO/001 Annual Monitoring Report (GLA, Sept 2018)


Government Documents & Legislation

Ref. Title
NLP/GD/01                 Town and Country Planning (London Spatial Development Strategy) Regulations 2000  (website) (OPSI, 2000)
NLP/GD/02 Greater London Authority Act 1999 (as amended) (website) (OPSI, 1999) 
NLP/GD/03 National Planning Policy Framework (DCLG, Mar 2012) 
NLP/GD/04 A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment (HM Government, 2018)
NLP/GD/05 Reducing UK emissions: 2018 progress report to Parliament (Committee on Climate Change, June 2018)