Policing London: A Vision for a Safer City

My Vision for a Safer City

Our East End community is strong, diverse and harmonious, providing a great place to live for people from all backgrounds.


However, local people have been raising their concerns about the increasing incidence of crime and anti-social behaviour.


This is why I have published a list of pledges to highlight the work that I am doing at City Hall and within the community, alongside the Mayor, to robustly tackle the forms of crime which are blighting our streets.


These range from highly visible offences, such as moped crime, to hidden crimes that take place behind closed doors, such as the abomination of modern day slavery and domestic abuse.


However, it is clear that in order for the police to comprehensively crack down on crime locally, they need to be adequately resourced. My Vision for a Safer City  is underpinned by a renewed call for the Government to reverse their damaging cuts to the Metropolitan Police’s budget which will amount to a staggering £1 billion over the next three years.

Ending the hostile environment for victims of crime

As it stands, police officers are under an obligation to pass on information relating to the immigration status of victims of crime to Home Office officials.


Anyone that is unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime should be able to take the first and often, difficult, step to seeking justice without the fear of deportation hanging over their heads.


This is why I have recently launched a report calling for an change in national policy to ensure that all victims of crime can come forward to the police with confidence.


You can also find my comment piece on this, which was originally published on Dave Hill's 'On London' website, here.



Victims of crime and immigration status

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