Community policing

London needs a police force that works with communities to combat crime.

Violence against women and girls

Women and girls must have the utmost confidence that the police will handle all gender violence with sensitivity, and with a resolve to deliver justice.

I will be working to ensure the Mayor protects funding for domestic refuges, rape crisis centres and support services for BME women.

I also work with councils to set up one-stop shops for domestic violence survivors in every borough, expanding the provision of women’s refuges with specialist skills to help ethnic minority women at risk of honour killings and other criminal acts.

Hate crime

London is a great city that is respected for its multiculturalism and tolerance. However this British value is being tainted by the increase in hate crime.

Vulnerable people within our communities are being verbally or physically attacked based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion or abilities.

The Mayor has said that he will ‘take a zero tolerance approach to hate crime’. 

I will press the Mayor to immediately improve the recording and training of officers about hate crime. I will also urge the Mayor improve Londoners awareness of hate crime and encourage victims to report it. 

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