A return to good service for the 466 bus route

Date petition submitted: 
14 January 2009
Petition presented by: 
Steve O'Connell AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

‘This petition is to demand the return of the good 466 service we had before Arriva took over the running of it recently. We want the following considerations to be initiated in the running of the route: 1.No turning of the buses at Old Coulsdon or Shirley – the buses to continue to Caterham-on-the-Hill and Addington Village. If the buses do have to turn then the passengers allowed to stay on the terminating bus until another comes along, saving them from the bad weather. 2.Better information to the passengers if a bus is not going to continue to its proper destination. And Arriva control to make sure another bus waits or is put on to take on these passengers enabling them to continue their journey with as little stress as possible. 3.Separate buses for the school/college children thus allowing the public access to buses during the times children are going to and from school/college. And so therefore the public are not left standing for long periods during these times. And are not subject to rude and uncontrolled children. 4.The stopping of drivers driving very slowly when near the end of their shift so they are able to terminate the bus early – leaving passengers stranded. The stopping of several buses running together and only one returning after some length of time. This happens frequently going up to Caterham-on the-Hill. The stopping of sending buses round the back route (Via Hamsey Green, Seldon etc) to Addington Village, leaving passengers without a bus for long periods of time along the Coulsdon Road. 5.More consideration from the drivers for the elderly and disabled. Buses automatically lowered for them to get on and off the bus. Drivers not to drive past bus stops when the bell has been rung or people are waiting at bus stops. And to allow people to get to the bus stop if the bus gets to the stop before the person can get there – the drivers frequently wait for such passengers to get to the bus and then drive off without letting them get on. 6.Drivers waiting for all departing passengers to alight the bus before closing doors and driving off. 7.Buses not to turn round via Lacey Avenue." Submitted by Steve O’Connell AM to the London Assembly (Plenary) meeting of 14 January 2009