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The Economy Committee scrutinises the work of the Mayor relating to economic development, wealth creation, social development, culture, sport and tourism in the capital. It also examines the Mayor’s role as chair of the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP). 

Disability Employment Gap

Current investigation

Tackling the disability employment gap

London’s employment rate is at historically high levels. However, the employment rate for disabled Londoners was only 51.4 per cent in 2017. That's 27 percentage points below the rate for all Londoners (age 16 to 64). The Economy Committee aims to identify the challenges that disabled people face in securing work and explore which interventions can make a difference.

Watch the webcast of 17 January 2019 meeting

Discover the findings of the investigation, released on 21 March 2019

Recent work

Ethnicity Pay Gap, 3 April 2019

The Economy Committee investigated the ethnicity pay gap. The meeting focused on career progression within the workplace for people from ethnic minorities; and established what actions the Mayor could take to reduce the gap.

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Small minicab firms in London, 12 March 2019

The Committee held a roundtableto discuss the contribution of small minicab firms to London, the challenges affecting the economic survival of small minicabs firms and to establish what actions the Mayor can take to support minicab firm owners to flourish. Following the roundtable, heard responses from TfL.

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Exploring self-employment and income volatility,  20 November 2018

Experts from finance advice bodies answered questions about the impact of new measures, including the Minimum Income Floor, and whether adequate support services are available for those managing on pay packets that can vary wildly week to week.

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  • London & Partners ordered to hand over board papers and proof of performance claims amid transparency concerns - Mayorwatch
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Recent actions

  • Released documents summonsed from London & Partners - 3 April 2019
  • Published the findings of an inquiry into the disability employment gap - 21 March 2019
  • Responded to L&P's consultation on transparency - 11 February 2019
  • Wrote to the Mayor about the impact of Universal Credit - 21 January 2019
  • Visited the Poppy Factory, Richmond, as part of an investigation into the disability employment gap - 4 December 2018
  • Welcomed London & Partners' response to the summons - 13 November 2018
  • Wrote to Deputy Mayor Matthew Ryder with a response to the draft Strategy for Sport - 19 October 2018
  • Issued a summons to demand information from London & Partners - 30 October 2018

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If you have a media enquiry relating to the Economy Committee please contact:                

Communications Officer: Aoife Nolan[email protected] 020 7983 4067

If you have a query about this Committee and its work please contact:

Scrutiny Manager: Paul Casey, [email protected], 020 8039 1241

Committee Officer: Clare Bryant, [email protected], 020 7983 4616

If you have a query about the Mayor's economic policy please call 020 7983 4100. 

Economy Committee visits the Poppy Factory

What works for microbusinesses

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