Bringing about real change for London

Round 3 of the Good Growth Fund will open for applications on 2 September 2019 with over £20 million funding available. 

To get a well-balanced programme, we’re encouraging collaborative proposals that bring together a range of partners to focus resources and seize opportunities in a local area. 

Who can apply?

The Good Growth Fund is open to a broad range of public, private and third-sector organisations in London who want to drive regeneration in their local area. These include:

  • London boroughs
  • sub-regional partnerships 
  • town teams and business improvement districts
  • workspace providers
  • community groups
  • social enterprises
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • charities

What will we be funding?

We want to fund a range of projects and hope applicants respond creatively to our suggestions. This list is not exhaustive, and projects may deliver on one or more of the following actions:

  1. Develop civic infrastructure
  2. Back small business
  3. Secure and create workspace
  4. Craft a smarter city
  5. Intensify London’s local economies
  6. Build skills and employability
  7. Deliver community-led regeneration
  8. Enhance public space
  9. Share culture

Find out more

We will be running three area-based engagement workshops for potential bidders. The sessions are a great opportunity to hear from successful Round 1 and 2 projects, what makes a good application and the type of projects we are looking to support.

If you wish to attend please click on your local workshop and register your details:

To achieve a broad and well-balanced regeneration programme for London, we are strongly encouraging potential bidders who haven’t yet attended a Good Growth Fund workshop or haven’t previously engaged with Officers in our Regeneration Area Teams to attend one of the upcoming workshops.

Next steps

This round is being fully managed through the Greater London Authority’s online investment management system (GLA OPS).

If your organisation is not already registered, you need to register with GLA OPS by completing the steps below. If your organisation is already registered, you can simply use your current login information.

Register now

Simply complete the following steps:

1. register as a new organisation and admin account at

2. click on ‘New to GLA OPS? Register here’

3. provide the required information and make sure to select ‘GLA Regeneration Unit’ under the GLA department section

4. click on ‘Request New Profile’

5. Once the fund is open for applications on 2 September you can then log in to GLA OPS, create a new Stage 1 application, complete all required information and submit your project by 14 October 2019.

If you encounter any problems while registering, you can download Guide 1 & 2 of the GLA OPS system here.

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