Draft London Plan – Consolidated Suggested Changes Version July 2019

The 'consolidated' version of the London Plan shows all of the Mayor's suggested changes following the Examination in Public (EiP) of the draft Plan. There are two versions, one with the changes highlighted and one without.

What is the 'Consolidated Suggested Changes' version of the plan?

As set out in Panel Note 10, the Mayor has compiled a comprehensive set of all of his suggested changes to the Plan. Consolidated versions of the Plan incorporating all of the Mayor’s suggested changes have also been prepared, one with “track changes” and the other “clean”. The suggested changes have been reviewed by the Panel to avoid any obvious soundness issues, although that is without prejudice to the Panel’s consideration of all of the examination evidence. It should not, therefore, be assumed that the Panel will endorse all of the Mayor’s suggested changes. All of the suggested changes, along with all evidence, will be considered by the Panel whose examination report is expected to be submitted to the Mayor in September.

The Panel have requested this version of the London Plan for the purposes of facilitating their report and their recommendations.  Alongside the Intend to Publish version of the London Plan an updated IIA and HRA will be published.

They incorporate:

Key to the 'Track Changes' version

Changes are shown as follows:

  • Bold red – Minor suggested change text
  • Red strikethrough – original text deletion, minor suggested changes
  • Bold blue – Further suggested change text (i.e matter statements or prior to the session)
  • Blue strikethrough – deleted original text as part of further suggested changes stage (i.e matter statements or prior to the session)
  • Bold green – post sessions changes
  • Green strikethrough – deleted original text as part of the post session changes
  • Bold Purple – any reinsertion of original text at any stage
  • Purple strikethrough – deletion of MSC or FSC text

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