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The Mayor's role in housing involves setting priorities through London's Housing Strategy and directing and managing investment in new affordable housing. 

London's housing crisis

The Mayor is clear that housing is the biggest challenge facing London. Find out more about how he is tackling the housing crisis and building more affordable homes.

Homelessness and rough sleeping

The Mayor provides a range of services to help rough sleepers get off the streets and rebuild their lives. Find out more about these services.

The Mayor has also published London’s first ever Rough Sleeping Plan of Action to ensure a sustainable route off the streets for every single rough sleeper.

Find out how you can help rough sleepers.

Finding an affordable home

You can use our tool to search for affordable homes.

Council Housing - Waiting list, overcrowding and questions about tenancies

The Mayor does not have the legal powers to help individuals with these issues. You will need to contact your local council or housing association directly for help with these issues.

For council information:


Fire Safety

If you are a tenant or resident concerned about the safety of your building, please see the information here:


If you have any concerns regarding the safety of your building, you should:

  • in the first instance, contact your landlord or building owner
  • if you are still concerned, you should then contact your local authority or local fire and rescue service for advice
  • if you do not feel that the issue has been sufficiently dealt with, you can contact the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government building safety team by emailing: [email protected]

Search for your local council
Search for your local fire and rescue service 

Leasing and Service Charges

For help and support on this there is:

Repairs to my property

The Mayor does not have the legal powers to help individuals with specific housing issues, such as repairs. You will need to contact your local council or housing association directly for help with these issues. 

If you have a complaint, you may also wish to contact the Housing Ombudsman Service. They will usually require that you have been through the full complaints procedure with the council or housing association before they will consider intervening.

Reporting a rogue landlord

If you suspect your private landlord or letting agent is breaking the law, you can report them to us.

You can also see if your current or potential landlord or agent has been prosecuted with our rogue landlord checker.

Advice or complaints

For complaints:

  • stage 1: Local authority or housing association

If the response is unsatisfactory, then:

The following organisations can provide advice:

Fraud allegations

For matters of this nature, please contact the Police.

Other queries

Get in touch via our online form.

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