We'll never turn our backs on rough sleepers

We'll never turn our backs on rough sleepers

The Mayor provides services so rough sleepers have somewhere to sleep, something to eat, someone to listen, and a way off the streets.

Services are available 24/7, providing emergency shelter when it's freezing cold and one-to-one support so that rough sleepers can find a way off the street for good.

You can help too...

You can donate

The Mayor has joined forces with 18 homelessness and rough sleeping charities across London to make sure no one needs to sleep rough in London.

Any donation you make to the London Homeless Charities Group will be shared fairly amongst these charities to provide real help for rough sleepers.

You can contact StreetLink

Concerned about someone you've seen sleeping rough?

Let StreetLink know, and connect them to services which will help them off the street for good.

See how the Mayor's services have helped rough sleepers like Benji

Rough sleeper
Giving money to charity means you can be sure that...

It's spent on helping someone rebuild their life

The money you donate will go directly to charities that provide real help for rough sleepers.

You're helping more people leave the street for good

Rough sleeping is harmful and dangerous - the average age of death is 47 and around eight in ten rough sleepers were victims of crime or anti-social behaviour in the last year.

You're helping someone who's actually homeless

Many people begging have somewhere to live - giving to charity means your donation will provide real help for rough sleepers.


Learn more about this campaign and the Mayor's rough sleeping services.

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About your donation

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