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Children with voices

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Where to find us

Victoria Park Community Centre - Peabody, 5 Gore road, London , London, E9 7HR

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Organisation aims / mission / values

  • Are aims are to tackle -;

    childhood obesity - we teach the children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    We do this by providing a range of keep fit & exercise classes that the children will enjoy & take part in.

    Poverty - we provide a well balance meals, snacks & refreshments. We also hand out food hampers.
    we teach the children how to cook & bake with surplus food as well as the arts & crafts session which encourage our children talents and creativity.
  • We support parents and sign post them for support.
    we reach the vulnerable families and provide them with food hampers, we sign post them to course & support groups.

    we encourage the parents to volunteer with our group sharing varies life skills & updating and finding new skills.

    We encourage the young people to volunteer with us as young Ambassadors, mentors and role models for the younger children in the community .
    we teach & motivate positive and active leaders for our community .
  • We work alongside charities, organisation, community groups and local supermarkets in our community.
    We received food donations which help support many families facing food banks.
    we are sponsored by our local Tesco & many shops in the area who want to give back.
  • We also tackle post code wars & youth crime
    we do outreach and encourage our children to make friends in the different locations that we attend.
    we can do this by monitoring the families on our media sites and when we have big events.
    we encourage parent friendship so that they can support each other with child care or just a friend.
  • We are based in Hackney and have been running for 10 years.
    Age group 5 year to 11 years - Jumping Beans
    Age 11 years to 18 years - Young Ambassadors
    Parent Volunteers
    Cooperate volunteers
    members of the community volunteers.

How we deliver these aims

we always end our session with feedback which has been amazing. we use this to make sure we hit our targets and goals at each session. The children also have to do feedback and which is all recorded or photographic evidence. Check out our Instagram & Facebook to see more.

Who benefits from our work

The people who benefit from our work & service are as follows-: The parents Families, Children young people The elderly The community Local shops & supermarkets We are an inclusive organisations that tackles isolation within our community.


Victoria Park Community Centre - Peabody, 5 Gore road, London , London, E9 7HR