London Density

Good Growth by Design

London’s unprecedented population growth presents us with a challenge and an opportunity – to build homes, neighbourhoods and workspaces for a fast expanding city, and to do so in a way that creates successful, inclusive and sustainable places.

Good Growth by Design is a call to everyone engaged in London’s booming architectural, design and built environment professions to help realise the Mayor's vision and create a built environment for all Londoners.

We know that good architecture and planning can make a real difference between the places that work – socially and environmentally as well as economically – and those that age gracelessly, as expensive eyesores and failed urban districts.

  • Good Growth means building a more inclusive city – an inviting place to live, work and visit – supporting health and wellbeing for all Londoners.
  • Good Growth plans for a balanced mix of young and old, of people from different cultures and backgrounds, of housing tenures and workplaces.
  • Good Growth supports and enriches a city’s public and civic spaces along with the streets and routes that connect them. It takes a contextual approach – allowing for vitality and change whilst sustaining and strengthening the character of London’s existing neighbourhoods.
  • Good growth is a partnership between the public and private sector – where a long term approach to investment is undertaken to yield the wider benefits of change.
  • Good Growth ensures that London remains resilient to our changing climate and is green and healthy; with clean air, easy access to green space and more efficient buildings supplied by cleaner energy.
  • Good Growth enables everyone to fulfil their potential, by providing inclusive access to transport and other public services, by ensuring that communities see the benefits of growth, and by enabling broader public participation in how the city changes.

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