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We set up the London Waterways Commission to advise the Mayor on the implementation of planning policies for the Blue Ribbon Network of waterways in the capital. This includes rivers, canals and other bodies of water.

Latest news

The most recent meeting took place on 1 February 2016 under the Chairmanship of Murad Qureshi.

The Mayor has yet to consider the future and new Chairmanship of the Commission.

What is the London Waterways Commission?

We set up the London Waterways Commission to advise the Mayor on the implementation of planning policies for the Blue Ribbon Network of waterways in the capital. This includes rivers, canals and other bodies of water. You can find out more about these policies in the London Plan.

The commission chair is Murad Qureshi AM and its members include London boroughs, statutory navigation authorities; voluntary sector and water amenity groups.

LWC Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the Mayor's London Waterways Commission are:

to advise the Mayor on prioritised issues relevant to the Blue Ribbon Network

to co-ordinate activities in relation to the implementation of policies relating to the Blue Ribbon Network

to consider how the plans and programmes of the agencies represented on the commission align with the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Network policies and seek better alignment of these with the Mayor’s policies

to organise and oversee two London Waterways Commission stakeholder events

to consider matters relating to accessibility, transport, industrial, wildlife, landscape/design, culture, residential, leisure and any other relevant use of the Blue Ribbon Network

to advise on and if appropriate seek funding for research projects

to ensure that the research programmes of the members of the Commission are better co-ordinated and avoid duplication

to facilitate communication and integration of the work of the Commission across the GLA Group

Current membership

Organisational representatives

Richard Rutter, Canal and River Trust

Simon Moody, Environment Agency

Robin Mortimer, Port of London Authority

Andrew Thompson, Transport for London

Gary Beckwith, Visit London

Deborah Leach, Thames21

Peter Finch, River Thames Society

Roger Squires, Inland Waterways Association

Pat Fitzsimons, Thames Estuary Partnership

Councillor Nick Draper, London Councils

Councillor Lynda Rice, London Councils

Councillor Terry Paton, London Councils

Roger Weston, West London River Group

Matthew Hart, Thames Water

Adrian Evans, Thames Festival

Individual representatives

Del Brenner

Gerry Heward

Jonathan Rosenberg

Tom Bogdanowicz

Simon Robbins

Secretariat - GLA

Jorn Peters

London Waterways Commission meetings

All London Waterway Commission meetings are open to the public. They are held at City Hall.

You can access papers from recent meetings below. If you would like papers/minutes from any previous meeting, please contact [email protected]

1st February 2016 - Notes to follow.

14 December 2015

21 September 2015

22 June 2015

09 March 2015

01 December 2014

23 June 2014

03 February 2014

London's Blue Ribbon Network

The Blue Ribbon Network is the name given to London’s rivers, canals, docks, reservoirs and lakes. It includes everything from the famous River Thames to London’s network of canals and smaller tributary rivers.

The network can be found in every London borough, 17 of which border the Thames. There are also 15 boroughs which host the canal network, while 24 boroughs have tributary rivers. See the Blue Ribbon Network map.

We know these waterways are invaluable for leisure, tourism, transport and biodiversity alike. To make the most of this value, we manage them as a network rather than in isolation. The Mayor’s London Plan has a series of policies (7.24, 7.25, 7.26, 7.27, 7.28, 7.297.30) to make sure that the Blue Ribbon Network is used, protected, improved and contributes to a sustainable future for London.

The London Waterways Commission advises the Mayor on waterway issues.

The Blue Ribbon Network is managed by The Environment Agency, Port of London Authority and Canal and River Trust. Thames Water also operates in the network. All of these agencies are members of the London Waterways Commission.

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