London Electricity Working Group

The London Electricity High-level Working Group works to secure a resilient electricity network in London - one that is able to provide connections and capacity for a growing city in a timely and cost-effective way. This is essential if we’re to support development and business growth, and compete with other world cities.

Aims of the group

The aims of the group are:

  • promote short and long-term investment in electricity infrastructure, in particular around network accessibility and competitiveness
  • track the progress of key actions to facilitate the timely and cost-effective delivery of electricity connections and capacity, and explore how any barriers can be overcome
  • assist in the implementation of the Mayor’s sustainable energy policies, including on decentralised energy and demand side response measures
  • coordinate the plans and strategies by partner organisations that align with the aims of the group, and explore improvements
  • make policy recommendations to the Mayor around electricity infrastructure for inclusion in the London Plan and other strategies.


Group members

The group includes representatives from:

  • local and national government
  • the development and business sectors
  • the regulator
  • industry

Documents from the High-level meetings are available to download below. 

First High-level Working Group meeting - 15 January 2013

Second High-level Working Group meeting - 28 March 2013

Third High-level Working Group meeting - 18 June 2013

Technical Working Group

At the meeting of the High-level Working Group on 18 June 2013 it was agreed to establish a Technical Working Group.

The capital’s current regulatory, financial and procedural arrangements present barriers to the development of London’s electricity connections and investment in its electricity infrastructure. The group’s aim is to identify these barriers and deterrents and estimate the economic impact they have on the capital. It also explores the options for removing them, and assesses the cost and risk involved in doing so.

Documents from the Technical Working Groups are available to download below. 

First Technical Working Group meeting - 26 September 2013

Second Technical Working Group meeting - 30 April 2014

Third Technical Working Group meeting - 6 June 2014

Fourth Technical Working Group meeting - 22 July 2014


The Mayor’s Electricity Summit

The Mayor’s Electricity Summit on 6 November 2012 brought together key players to discuss the energy systems needed by London over the coming decades. It marked the starting point of a commitment to ongoing, closer co-operation through a High-level Working Group (see above). The papers of the Summit are available to download below. 


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