Bishopsgate Goodsyard public hearing

In their role of making strategic planning decisions for London, the Mayor may occasionally take over an application, therefore becoming the local planning authority. They must then hold a public hearing before deciding whether or not to grant planning permission.

In this instance, the former Mayor, Boris Johnson, took over the application for the redevelopment of Bishopsgate Goodsyard.

Background to the public hearing

On 15 September 2015, the former Mayor, Boris Johnson, received a request to become the local planning authority for the purpose of determining two planning applications at the Bishopsgate Goodsyard site in the London boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets. This request was made by DP9 on behalf of the applicant of the planning application, pursuant to article 7 of the Town and Country Planning Mayor of London Order.

On 23 September 2015, having considered a report on the case, the former Mayor notified Hackney and Tower Hamlets that he would act as the local planning authority for the purposes of determining the planning applications (under article 7 of the Mayor of London Order and the powers conferred by Section 2A of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act).

The Local Planning Authority reference assigned to the application is 2014/2425 & PA/14/02011. The GLA reference is D&P/1200c&d.

GLA documents

The former Mayor’s initial Stage 1 report, together with the Stage II report and the Mayor’s decision letters are available here

Representation hearing

A public representation hearing was due to be held in the Chamber at City Hall on Monday 18 April 2016, starting at 1pm for the former Mayor to consider this application in detail and determine whether or not planning permission should be granted. 

Following a request from the applicant to defer the Representation Hearing in order to allow time to amend the application to address the concerns raised in the Stage 3 Report, the former Mayor decided to defer the Representation Hearing. A notice of the new date for the Representation Hearing will be given in due course in accordance with the Procedure for Representation Hearings at the Greater London Authority.

The Stage 3 report, Stage 3 errara and draft s106, which were published on Friday 8 April 2016, along with the applicants request to defer the hearing and the Mayor's decision to defer the hearing are available to download below. 


How do you comment on this application?

If you wish to comment on this application, email [email protected]. All representations received up until the hearing will be considered. 

Planning application documents

If you wish to view the original planning application documents, please refer to the borough’s planning page:

Please note all representations received by the borough have been sent to the Mayor. 

Regulation 22 Consultation, 25/01/2016 to 15/02/2016

Formal notice of Bishopsgate Goodsyard Regulation 22 consultation.

The Mayor consulted on the plans submitted by the applicant on the Bishopsgate Goodsyard scheme. This consultation was carried out under Regulation 22 of the Environment Impact Assessment Regulations 2011. The documents can be downloaded from the London Datastore.

Technical Reports

Technical Reports that have helped inform the officers report and recommendation are now available to download here

The redacted Financial Viability Review is also available to download below. 

In March 2019 the applicant submitted a Scoping Opinion Review Request for consideration. The document is available to download here

The GLA’s report on the Scoping Opinion Review Request is available to download here.

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