Hearing Agendas

The Panel will issue agendas for each hearing session. This page will provide links to all hearing agendas. They will be issued in the previous week. Click on the session to view the relevant agenda. 

Week 1       AM Session PM Session
Tue 15 Jan               Legal and Procedural Matters: SA, Equalities and HRA [M1-M3]  
Wed 16 Jan                Legal and Procedural Matters: DtC and consultation [M4-M6] Good Growth [M9]
Fri 18 Jan   Format, Scope and Content of the Plan [M7-M8]  
Week 2         
Tue 22 Jan  Overall spatial development strategy [M10-M13]  
Wed 23 Jan Opportunity areas [M14] Strategic and local regeneration [M15]
Fri 25 Jan   Wider South East and beyond [M16]  
Week 3         
Tue 5 Feb    Housing requirement [M17]  
Wed 6 Feb  Housing strategy [M18]  
Fri 8 Feb     Housing supply (SHLAA) and targets [M19]  
Week 4           
Mon 11 Feb Housing supply and targets [M19]  
Wed 13 Feb Small sites [M20]  
Fri 15 Feb   Gypsy and traveller accommodation [M21] Housing monitoring [M22]
Week 5          
Tue 26 Feb Affordable housing [M24]  
Wed 27 Feb Housing quality and standards, accessible housing and accessible bedrooms in visitor accommodation [M36-M38] Particular types of housing
Fri 1 Mar        Other housing matters: meanwhile uses, vacant building credit, redevelopment, best use of stock and housing size mix [M23, M25-M28]  
Week 6        
Tue 5 Mar Approach to and delivering good and inclusive design [M34-M35] Density [M39]
Wed 6 Mar Tall buildings, public realm and basements [M40-M42] Safety and security, fire safety, agent of change and noise
Fri 8 Mar Heritage and Culture: Historic environment, WHSs and LVMF [M45-M47] Heritage and Culture: Creative industries, night time economy, public houses [M48-M50]
Week 7       
Mon 18 Mar                           Central Activities Zone [M58] Offices [M59]
Tue 19 Mar   Land for industry, logistics and services [M62] Freight, deliveries, servicing and construction [M63]
Wed 20 Mar Low cost and affordable business space [M60] Visitor infrastructure [M61]
Week 8           
Tue 26 Mar  Green infrastructure [M64] Green Belt/MOL [M65]
Wed 27 Mar Open space and urban greening
Biodiversity, trees, food growing and geodiversity [M66]
Fri 29 Mar    Sustainable infrastructure – greenhouse emissions, energy system and managing heat risk [M67]  
Week 9           
Tue 30 Apr   Waste reduction and management including circular economy
Wed 1 May   Aggregates and hydraulic fracturing [M70-M71] Flood risk and sustainable drainage [M72-M73]
Fri 3 May     Social Infrastructure [M51-M53] Social Infrastructure [M54-M57]
Week 10         
Tue 7 May    Transport strategy and schemes [M76-M80]  
Thu 9 May    Car and cycle parking standards [M81-M85] Sustainable infrastructure – air quality and water infrastructure [M74]
Fri 10 May  Aviation [M87] Waterways [M86]
Week 11         
Mon 13 May   Digital infrastructure [M75] (Session Cancelled)
Wed 15 May Town centres and retailing [M88-M91]  
Fri 17 May    Viability and delivering the plan [M92-M93] Monitoring [M94]
Week 12    
Wed 22 May Viability and delivering the plan [M92-M93]  

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