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London is already Europe's leading tech hub but now we're investing more in our CleanTech industry - who produce technologies, goods and services that reduce negative impacts on our environment.

We are working with partners to give 100 small businesses the boost they need to be successful in London, and create a hub for low-carbon industries in our city.

If your business is selected you'll get fantastic support to grow, including:

  • Management / Leadership support
  • Understanding organisational corporate and social responsibility
  • Access to new supply chains and markets, including new international markets
  • Marketing
  • Access to co-working space
  • Events, workshops and masterclasses
  • Innovation and commercialisation of research & development
  • Process improvement, quality assurance and technology verification
  • Collaboration with a research institution
  • Product development
  • Public and Private funding support
  • Resource efficiency
  • Intellectual Property support

Contact us

Not sure about something? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Tender opportunities

As part of the Better Futures project, companies can access up to £7,000 worth of innovation vouchers for academic collaboration projects. We have three tender opportunities if you'd like to work with our exciting entrepreneurs on these new projects. Here's a quick overview of what we're looking for:

  1. Opportunity Reference P010172: Medical Expertise relating to wearable ECG devices.
  2. Opportunity Reference P010111: Experienced expert to help develop a life-estimation model for battery technologies.
  3. Opportunity Reference P010113: Material mechanics expert to give advice on developing mechanical test strategies.
  4. Opportunity Reference P010216: Fluid Mechanics expert to advise on improving flow-rates through filters.
  5. Opportunity Reference P010217: Expert advice on Life-Cycle Analysis framework for insulation/packaging materials.

For more detailed information on the projects, and to find our tender information, you'll need to go through our open tender platform, Compete For. All you need to do is Register as a Supplier and search for our opportunities using the reference numbers above.

Gender equality in CleanTech

Gender parity is still a problem in our society and in the business community, so we want to take this opportunity to lead by example on this important issue.

We are working with the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) to look at the role of women in the CleanTech industry. We’re really excited to introduce our Women in CleanTech project and celebrate the role of female entrepreneurs in London.

Get involved

We want to develop ways of ensuring that women enter and stay in the exciting field of clean technology. Your input is important and we want to hear what you have to say, so we are running workshops looking at the issues, challenges and opportunities for women in the field.

To get involved, email [email protected] to register your interest.

Further information

Better Futures is funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), and was created in collaboration with our partners.

Details of projects funded by ERDF in London are available to read, including an interactive ESIF funding map, highlighting ESF and ERDF-funded projects that are currently under way.