Promoting London

London welcomes almost 25 million visitors and 110,000 international students every year. It is consistently rated the best place in Europe to do business.

But in an age of intense global competition, London needs to sell itself: to investors, visitors and overseas students. It’s never been more important to promote London.

London & Partners

The Mayor is London’s champion. London & Partners is the Mayor of London's official promotional agency whose mission is to tell London's story brilliantly to an international audience. 

London & Partners' purpose is to support the Mayor's priorities by promoting London internationally as the best city in the world in which to invest, work, study and visit. 

London & Partners is led by Chair Rajesh Agrawal and CEO Laura Citron. It’s a not-for-profit public-private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and commercial partners.

Protecting London’s international status

In the European Cities Monitor (carried out by property consultants Cushman and Wakefield) London has come top every year since 1990.

London scores very well in categories such as the availability of important staffaccess to markets and external transport links. However, in other areas like quality of life and freedom from pollution, there’s much to be done.

London is under pressure to stay attractive to businesses, for example:

  • there has been a recent move towards greater regulation of international financial markets, which may affect London’s attractiveness to the financial sector
  • other world cities are becoming more determined in their efforts to compete with London, with places such as Shanghai, Singapore, Geneva or Dublin actively targeting areas traditionally dominated by London

We will continue to advocate for changes that will increase London’s competitive advantages, and to resist those which threaten it. 

Investing in new opportunities

London’s economy must continue to explore new opportunities if it’s to keep its global position. Innovation and technology are central to this.

London has world-class academic institutions and the greatest concentration of technology firms in Europe. Strong partnerships are now emerging to make the most of this strength.

Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute will be Europe’s largest centre of biomedical research. It brings together six of the UK’s most successful scientific and academic organisations to drive innovation in new technologies: the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, UCL, Imperial College London and King's College London.

This will be one of the most significant developments in UK biomedical science for a generation. Find out about our new initiative in the life sciences sector, MedCity.

Tech City

The rapid growth of Tech City across London demonstrates how technology is impacting many of London's key growth sectors. This digital ‘fusion’ will drive London’s future growth and increase productivity.

Find out about our plan for London's technology sector: Smart London.


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