Buses and cars


Anyone who lives, visits or works in London uses transport. Together we made 31 million journeys on the Transport for London network each day in 2016. We walk, drive, take minicabs and cycle around our city too.

Cycling has increased greatly over last years -the Santander Cycling Scheme alone recorded 10.3 million journeys in 2017.

But often, busy tubes and trains, congested roads, delayed busses and a lack of cycling lanes can sour our journeys. How do we provide a fairer, more accessible and more environmentally-friendly travel network?

The Mayor recently consulted Londoners on his draft Transport Strategy, which outlines his plans for the coming decades. He says: “We have to make not using your car the affordable, safest and most convenient option for Londoners going about their daily lives. This is not only essential for dealing with congestion as London grows, but crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution, and improving the health of all Londoners.”

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