Did you know...

...around half of London’s air pollution is caused by road transport.

Toxic fumes from vehicles
cause thousands of premature
deaths every year…

And lead to young Londoners
growing up with stunted lungs
and suffering from asthma.

The Mayor believes everyone
should have the right to clean air.

That’s why he’s taking bold action to #LetLondonBreathe

He's creating 12 Low Emission
Bus Zones to help clean air in
the most polluted areas.

All new double-decker buses
are now hybrid or zero-emission. 

Which means London will
have the largest electric bus
fleet in Europe.

And he launched the world's
first Ultra Low Emission Zone
in central London.

Operating 24/7 - every day of the year.

All this is expected to reduce harmful road transport NOx emissions by 45% in just two years.

*estimated reduction from road transport in central London

The Mayor also wants to make
it easier for people to choose
the greenest cars.

We’ve created a cleaner vehicle
checker to do just that.

We're also putting £48m into a
scrappage scheme to help small
businesses and low-income
Londoners get rid of dirty vans
and switch to cleaner vehicles.

And we're making London greener
and healthier - planting thousands
of trees and providing more space
to walk and cycle.

We're working to #LetLondonBreathe

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