DD2007 Culture Strategy 2016-17

Type of decision: 
Director's decision
Date signed: 
09 August 2016
Decision by: 
Jeff Jacobs, Head of Paid Service

Executive summary

This document concerns the development of the Mayor’s manifesto pledges during 2016-17.  It centres on putting mechanisms in place to legitimately and effectively research, evidence and scope relevant policies and programmes as directed by the Culture Delivery Group and the Mayor’s Culture Strategy Group for London. The total annual Culture Strategy budget is £121,000 with £38,000 already approved in MD1603.



The Executive Director approves expenditure of up to £83,000 of the Culture Strategy budget for 2016-17.  
This will cover costs associated with running the Cultural Strategy Group for London and beginning to research and scope cultural policies and programmes from the Mayor’s Manifesto, as well as additional administrative support to increase in-house capacity.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

In his election manifesto the Mayor has committed to deliver on a number of cultural plans and policies over his four year term. A Culture Delivery group has been set up to oversee delivery of the manifesto pledges.  As proposals for the delivery of the pledges become clearer, budgets will need to be allocated for specific research, campaigns, events and specialist advice to ensure they are on target. 

The Cultural Strategy Group for London is established under section 375 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and is the main mechanism for advising the Mayor on policy and strategy. The Group is drawn from across London’s culture and creative industries and advises the Mayor on the on-going challenges and needs of the sector. 

This DD seeks approval for the expenditure of GLA funds in accordance with the Mayor’s cultural manifesto and in dialogue with The Cultural Strategy Group under section 375 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.

Objectives and expected outcomes

Running of the Group and engaging the Culture Sector – up to £8,000
The objective is the smooth running of quarterly meetings for this high level Group alongside additional sector engagement and consultation events required to develop the strategy. 

The Cultural Strategy Group for London meets on a quarterly basis, including hosting an annual open meeting providing hospitality for up to 350 guests. During this first year of the 2016-2020 administration,  it is expected that additional special events for sector engagement and consultation alongside sub groups on specific policy issues will be required. A separate DAR is in place for the Culture Reception hosted by the Mayor on 18 May at City Hall for £4,000. Funding would be used to provide hospitality, technical support and venue hire if needed. As members are not remunerated they are able to request travel expenses for attending meetings and sub groups. 

Outcomes include:
Welcome reception for the culture sector by the new Mayor;
Three meetings, including the annual open meeting; and
1to 2 sector engagement and consultation events.

Research & Development, feasibility and scoping studies – up to £58,500

To ensure that the Mayor’s manifesto pledges for culture are developed and delivered, the GLA will commission research and development, feasibility and scoping studies to inform policy development and identify suitable strategic programme interventions. Further work will need to be undertaken for initiatives advised by the Cultural Strategy Group for London.  

The objective is to undertake relevant and high quality research & development, feasibility and scoping studies to ensure that the work is advanced on delivery the election manifesto culture pledges including:
•    Developing a Culture Infrastructure Plan for London
•     Identifying Creative Enterprise Zones across London

Outcomes include:
Research project to inform proposed policy interventions; and
Feasibility/scoping study to inform proposed strategic programmes implantation.

Research & Development, feasibility and scoping studies – up to £16,500

To support the Culture Team in delivering these additional projects, immediate administrative support is required at 2 days a week – an annual cost of up to £16,500.  This will be provided via a staffing approval form.

Equality comments

While the members of the Mayor’s Cultural Strategy Group for London should be representatives and experts of the culture sector, attention should also be paid to the Groups make up to ensure it is also representative of London’s diversity. 

The delivery of the Culture Infrastructure Plan and the Creative Enterprise Zones will include discussions with the Diversity and Social Policy team to ensure the needs of London’s diverse communities are reflected in future plans.  

Other considerations

a)    Reputational risk if the Mayor does not deliver on his election manifesto for culture.  The Culture Delivery Group will meet regularly and include representation across the GLA and GA family to ensure  pledges are on target for delivery. Once the Cultural Strategy Group for London are appointed, further work will be undertaken to ensure the manifesto commitments are on track.

b)    The Mayor’s manifesto pledges include: 
•    Developing a Culture Infrastructure Plan for London to provide a strategic overview of current cultural provision, identify trends, gaps, future requirements and set out a roadmap to 2030.  Enabling London to plan for culture as we plan for housing, transport and health.
•    Identifying and delivering Creative Enterprise Zones across London, districts that incentivise and nurture creative enterprise

Financial comments

5.1    Approval is being sought for expenditure of up to £83,000 on the Cultural Strategy budget. The expenditure will be incurred on spend as detailed in sections 1 and 2 above.

5.2    The revenue cost will be funded from the 2016-17 Culture Strategy budget within the Communities & Intelligence Directorate.  The total 2016-17 Culture Strategy budget is £121,000 with £38,000 approved in MD1603.

Planned delivery approach and next steps

Running of the Cultural Strategy Group for London
Cultural Policy & Project Officer with responsibility for the management of the Cultural Strategy Group for London will deliver quarterly meetings and special events. Pending the Mayoral appointment of new members planning will commence for the first meeting. Expected date September 2016. 

Research & Development, feasibility and scoping

The Culture Delivery Group has been set up with representatives from across the GLA , TfL, LLDC and L&P.  The Group will meet on a fortnightly basis to agree the direction of travel to ensure all the culture manifesto pledges can be delivered.  This will include commissioning external work e.g. research, feasibility, scoping, identifying existing global exemplars. Additional administrative support for the Culture Team will also be contracted.

At the inaugural meeting of the Cultural Strategy Group for London, planned for September 2016, the Group will discuss the direction of travel and identify areas for further research and evidence. 
Research and evidence gathering will follow to inform and shape the delivery of the work programme.
The Culture Policy & Project Officer will facilitate these commissions as part of their role as Secretary for the Group. 



Welcome reception for culture sector by new Mayor

18 May 2016

Appoint Cultural Strategy Group for London Chair and members


First meeting of Cultural Strategy Group for London

September 2016

Appoint external consultants for specific research, feasibility and scoping as advised by Culture Delivery Group and Culture Strategy Group for London

August 2016 to March 2017