Productivity in London

Date published: 
18 September 2019

Increasing productivity is widely seen as a key enabler for improving living standards in the long term and as a necessary (but not in itself sufficient) condition for inclusive economic growth. This is a particularly relevant issue at a time when productivity in London has been growing at historically low rates, in line with the UK ‘productivity puzzle’ – the very slow growth in productivity since the financial crisis of 2008-09.

GLA Economics has produced two reports on productivity to support and complement the London Local Industrial Strategy evidence base:

The 'Productivity levers in London' report summarises the findings of a rapid literature review on the effectiveness of policy levers to enhance productivity at a regional level, with a particular focus on levers which can be influenced by the public sector and on UK (and where possibly, London) evidence.

The 'Productivity trends in London' report looks at the reasons for the capital’s high overall level of productivity and the factors behind the sharp slowdown in productivity growth in the post-financial crisis period.

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