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Role of Place Review Group

To help fulfil OPDC's aspirations to deliver development at a scale that is significant for both the London and the UK economy, we established a Place Review Group in 2015. This group has provided ‘critical friend’ advice to the OPDC as the planning policy framework and implementation plan for Old Oak and Park Royal have been taken forward.

The OPDC Place Review Group brings together leading professionals, working at the highest level in their fields and is made up of 22 panel members, including the Chair.

Leading practioners

The Place Review Group brings together leading practitioners across those disciplines particularly relevant to development and delivery of a new district, including:

  • engineering and transport infrastructure
  • residential architecture
  • landscape architecture and public realm design
  • sustainability
  • town planning
  • urban design and masterplanning

The Place Review Group’s composition and remit reflect a review process that is multidisciplinary, collaborative and enabling.

Place Review Group Meetings

One Place Review Group meeting is provisionally scheduled each month. These meetings may be used for formal reviews, Chair’s reviews or surgery reviews, as appropriate. Exceptionally, additional meetings may be required to respond to specific requirements for advice at key points in the masterplan, policy development, planning application and delivery programme.