About the London Sustainable Development Commission

The London Sustainable Development Commission was established in 2002 to advise the Mayor of London on making London a 'sustainable world city'. 

What is the LSDC?

The London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) is made up of experts who provide independent advice to the Mayor of London on his sustainable development duty. The LSDC was set up in 2002 by the then Mayor. Commissioners provide their time on a voluntary basis. 

The Mayor has appointed the current chair, Dr Ashok Sinha, and a set of commissioners. He wants them to help London meet the huge environmental, social and economic challenges posed by a growing population. With London set to be home to ten million people by around 2026 and over 11 million by 2050, this is no easy task.

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What do we mean by 'sustainable development'?

We want to help create a better quality of life for everyone in London. We promote sustainable development and advise the Mayor and others on strategies to ensure this happens: to help London become an exemplar of big city sustainability. 

When we talk about sustainable development, we usually refer to the definition from the 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development, 'Our Common Future'. It described sustainable development as: 

development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs 

What have we achieved?

Since being set up in 2002, we’ve advised City Hall on a range of important issues including:

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What are we working on?

We work in close partnership with City Hall’s Sustainable Development Team on strategy input, research, programme delivery, and bringing sustainable development into the mainstream.

Our current work includes:  

  • cleantech and innovation: exploring how to speed up the growth of London’s low-carbon goods and services sector
  • Quality of Life indicators: we periodically update these measures of London's sustainability performance and use them to inform our advice and work priorities 
  • green finance: looking at how we can fund the transition to a zero-carbon, sustainable London

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