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Easy Rider: Improving motorcycle safety on London roads

Date published: 
02 March 2016

Arguably motorcyclists have been overlooked in public discussion about road safety in recent years. However, 36 motorcyclists were killed on London’s roads last year, a death toll that is unacceptably high, and  part of a bigger picture of collisions and injuries affecting motorcyclists, many of them life changing in their seriousness. Any safety agenda for London’s roadscape must feature tackling this issue as a priority.

In our investigation of this topic we spoke to a large number of motorcyclists – over 1,200 riders responded to a survey we conducted – as well as road safety experts, industry representatives and training providers. This has highlighted a number of priority areas for the Mayor and TfL to focus on if significant progress is to be made to reduce casualties.

  • The inconsistency across London in access to bus lanes for motorcyclists causes unnecessary confusion. TfL allows motorcyclists to ride in bus lanes on the roads it manages, but many boroughs restrict access on their own roads. A more proactive strategy is required from TfL to help ensure a common approach across the city.
  • Close monitoring of Cycle Superhighway roads is necessary to assess the impact on safety for other vulnerable road users, particularly the reduction in road space for other traffic.
  • The BikeSafe scheme from TfL and the Metropolitan Police appears to be effective at increasing safety awareness but we must encourage participation of young riders.
  • We need a better understanding of why motorcyclist casualties occur. Information could be improved through the application of new technology by the MPS, and additional information from the NHS.

See the report below and ride safely!


Easy Rider

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