Health Committee

The Health Committee reviews health and wellbeing across London, with a particular focus on public health issues and reviewing progress of the Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy.

Current investigations

Healthy early years
The Health Committee is investigating healthy early years and how we can give children in London the healthiest start to life. The Mayor has committed to focusing on the health of children as one of the key strategic aims of his draft Health Inequalities Strategy.

Mental health inequalties
The Health Committee is investigating mental health inequalities in a series of meetings, focused on different marginalised groups, including LGBT+ people, disabled people and Deaf people and offenders and ex-offenders. The strands will be pulled together in a final report published in the autumn. 

Eye health and preventing sight loss in London
Access to appropriate prevention, diagnostic and treatment support for eye health in London is currently variable and this investigation provides an opportunity to examine how to reduce these inequalities.


Offender mental health

Mental health - disabled people & Deaf people: A report summary

Report summary in British Sign Language, 'Mental health - disabled people and Deaf people'

Recent work

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Issued a robust response to the Mayor's Draft Health Inequalities Strategy Consultation calling for more action from the Mayor.

Called on the Mayor of London to support better mental health for prisoners and ex-offenders.

Wrote to the Mayor of London about Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) in London, highlighting a number of concerns. The Committee received a response from the Mayor of London.

Highlighted the barriers disabled people and Deaf people face when accessing mental health services. Called on the Mayor to support better mental health for disabled people and Deaf people.

Wrote to the Mayor of London about suicide prevention and called for the Mayor to make London a 'zero-suicide' city.

Called for the Mayor of London to support better mental health for LGBT+ people.

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Committee meetings

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Feedback and news coverage

What was said

In response to Mental health - disabled people and Deaf people report: Phil Chamberlain, Director of External Engagement at City Lit said:

“Whilst it is worrying to read about the frustration that so many deaf and disabled Londoners face, City Lit welcomes the findings outlined in today's report. It brings a needed spotlight to challenges millions of people face on a regular basis. As a college, we are committed to bringing people together to enrich their lives through learning, and work tirelessly to provide deaf Londoners and those with a disability a world-leading adult education."

In response to our Access to health services for deaf people report:  Paul Redfern, Business Development Manager, British Deaf Association, said:

"The report is very powerful. The British Deaf Association recognises and really welcomes this report. We do see this as a large step forward from what we have had before.  Without the report we don't have a voice, and without us having a voice, services can't change to adapt to our needs. So far, we have been invisible and this is the start of us now becoming visible."

In the news

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London Assembly inquiry finds 'huge variation' in end of life care - Marie Curie

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Parts of London have higher TB rates than Iraq or Rwanda - BBC London

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