FOI - Marketing and communications

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
February 2018

Summary of request

I wish to request, under the Freedom of Information Act, that you supply me with:

  1. The annual sum of the Mayor’s marketing and communications budget from May 2008 to present.

I believe there is a strong public interest in releasing this information since it will promote greater transparency in government and greater accountability in the conduct of those who hold public office.

The information requested is not reasonably accessible by other means to the best of my knowledge.  

Further to section 16 of the FOI Act (duty to provide advice and assistance), if you have any queries relating to these requests or need clarification on any issue, I would be grateful if you could contact me.

I would like to request that any refusal to any part of the above requests (including on cost grounds) be accompanied by a recommendation of how the request may be modified so as to be granted.

I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email and provide me with FOI reference number(s) as soon as possible