EIR - Manor Road W13 Hastings Road

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
September 2019

Summary of request

I am aware that they are in pre-planning stages, but the developers did seem pretty confident that they will be building this 26 storey sky scraper in a low rise two storey residential area as did the other developers on the Hasting’s Road site.  They both said the height had been ordered by the GLA.  They said they have been talking to Ealing Council about it for over 18 months.  This all seems to have been taking place behind closed doors.

So with that in mind please can I request, under the freedom of information act, copies of all correspondence between the Mayor’s office / or your planning team and Ealing Council, developers or others, in relation to the potential developments on the Manor Road W13 and the Hasting’s Roads W13 sites in West Ealing.

Details of the specific sites and their proposed plans can be found via www.stopthetowers.org