Team London Awards 2017

Team London Awards 2018

Team London Awards 2018

The annual Team London Awards ceremony celebrates the individuals, teams and corporate volunteers who are making outstanding contributions to their communities and helping to make London the best city it can be.

Each day, tens of thousands of volunteers help charities to deliver their services. The Awards are one of the ways the Mayor recognises some of those volunteers who go above and beyond to create better local communities.

This year the event will be on Monday 15 October.

Award categories

The awards are across three categories:

Volunteering which increases levels of social integration

Volunteering which bring people from different backgrounds together and allows everyone involved to create bonds with each other. Examples might include: 

  • Environmental projects which bring people together outdoors in parks or community food growing 
  • Family oriented projects which support schools or playgroups 
  • Helping Londoners with disabilities to access all parts of community life  
  • Befriending neighbours or welcome projects for those who are new to London

Volunteering which increases levels of social mobility

 Volunteering programmes which help people from disadvantaged backgrounds access London's opportunities. Examples might include:  

  • Mentoring projects which help and support people
  • Befriending projects to improve skills and confidence 
  • Learning projects where volunteers share their skills with others

Volunteering which increases levels of community engagement

Volunteering programmes which support London's communities and help them to solve local issues. Examples might include:

  • Local community projects where local people are tackling a key local issue
  • Civil society organisations who are campaigning on a social issue to achieve change or raise the profile of a local problem 
  • Volunteering programmes or organisations which help solve local issues

Nomination categories

Within these three categories, you can nominate a volunteer/s for these awards:

  • Adult volunteer award
    • An individual over the age of 25
  • Youth volunteer award
    • An individual under the age of 25
  • A volunteer team award
    • Any group of volunteers who work together to achieve impact on a local issue or cause.  These could be from any part of the volunteering community, including Schools/Community Groups/Youth Groups/Charities
  • Business volunteer team award (Employer supported volunteering)
    • A team of business volunteers or a project in the community supported by a business and it’s employees
  • Project/Charity award
    • An award given to a project or charity that are using innovative ideas or methods to solve local issues or further a cause

Criteria for nominating

  • You can nominate anyone unless they are a family. 
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • The volunteer(s) must still be actively volunteering at the time of the nomination.
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered.


  • Deadline for nominations 16 July 2018
  • Shortlisted nominees will receive invitation w/c 3 September 2018