The Mayor's one hour 'Hopper' fare

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched his one hour bus fare – the ‘Hopper’ – in September 2016.

Bus and tram passengers can take two journeys for the price of one, within an hour of starting their journey. This was one of Sadiq's manifesto pledges, making travel easier and more affordable for many Londoners.

In the run-up to its launch, Sadiq commented:

Fares in London have risen for eight years in a row – and for people who have to change buses to get to work, the system simply isn’t fair. We must ensure that everyone can afford to travel around our city, and for people on low incomes, the cost of travel must never become a barrier to work or study.

What is the Hopper?

Any second bus or tram journey made within one hour of the start of your first journey will be free, if you’re using contactless or Oyster pay-as-you-go.

From 2018, passengers will also be able to make unlimited bus and tram journeys within one hour – once Transport for London (TfL) has upgraded its ticketing technology.


How the Hopper works:

  • The Hopper fare applies automatically to passengers who are using contactless or Oyster pay-as-you-go
  • Passengers can switch between buses and trams in any combination, within an hour
  • For more details visit the TfL page on the Hopper

The Hopper from 2018:

  • Passengers should be able to make unlimited bus and tram journeys within one hour after TfL upgrades its technology
  • Currently, the Hopper saving does not apply if a passenger changes from a bus or tram, to a rail or tube service, and then back to a bus or tram. From 2018 these journeys will also qualify for the Hopper fare

Hopper fare facts

  • 2
    for the price of 1 – on buses and trams – within 1 hour
  • 100m+
    bus and tram journeys
    made using Hopper in its first year
  • More
    bus and tram journeys
    within an hour will be allowed - an unlimited number - from 2018
  • save
    when you take 2 bus journeys within 1 hour on a standard adult ticket

Why has the Hopper been introduced?

Savings for passengers

The Hopper fare saves millions of passengers money on bus and tram travel every year.

It's a particular benefit to Londoners on low incomes who rely more heavily on the bus network. Using the Hopper fare, bus passengers can make longer journeys across London for just £1.50 for a standard adult fare.

A healthier environment for Londoners

The Hopper fare makes using public transport cheaper and easier. This will encourage more visitors and Londoners to use public transport instead of cars, which will help reduce congestion and harmful pollution.
By agreeing a 'Low Emissions Bus Zone' and only buying hybrid or zero-emission double-decker buses from 2018, the Mayor and TfL will reduce vehicle emissions even further.

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