Making walking count

Walking is the most common mode of transport, with 6 million journeys each day in London. It is part of our every-day lives, whether it be walking to the bus stop, to the shop or to enjoy the local area. 

As well as having health benefits for Londoners, walking improves air quality, reduces congestion and road danger, and connects communities.

Mayor's Transport Strategy

Walking is essential to achieving two of the key targets in the Mayor's Transport Strategy. By 2041, the Mayor's aim is that:

  • 80 per cent of all journeys will be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport
  • All Londoners will achieve at least two ten-minute periods of active travel per day

Read the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

Walking Action Plan

To achieve these targets, the Mayor has launched the first ever Walking Action Plan for London.

The Mayor's Vision: London Should be the world's most walkable city. This means a city where walking is the most obvious, enjoyable and attractive means of travel for all short trips.

The plan, supported by Public Health England, has an ambitious vision to make London the most walkable city in the world. The Walking Action Plan has two primary aims:

  • Increase the number of walking trips by more than one million per day by 2024 (from 6.4 million to 7.5 million)
  • Increase the proportion of trips to primary schools made by walking to 57 per cent by 2024 (from 53 per cent)

These are supported by actions in the plan including:

  • Enabling thousands more children to walk to school through behaviour change and infrastructure measures such as timed road closures, car-free days and 20mph speed limits
  • Ensuring that walking is prioritised in every new infrastructure scheme, through London's first ever pedestrian design guidance and a range of other tools and analysis to support boroughs to deliver local schemes
  • Rolling out innovative new traffic signal technology that makes it safer and easier for people walking to cross roads, while minimising congestion

Read the Walking Action Plan.

London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner

Appointed by the Mayor, Will Norman is London's first ever Walking and Cycling Commissioner. Will Norman works closely with the Mayor in helping to deliver his pledge to get more Londoners active by making walking and cycling safer and easier in the capital. 

Find out more about the Walking and Cycling Commissioner.

London Walking Forum

The London Walking Forum launched in November 2018 and brings together walking experts and decision-makers to drive a step change in how walking is regarded in, and for, London. The forum meets quarterly. 

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