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Sport Unites

Sport Unites is the Mayor's new, multi-million-pound flagship community sports programme. Sport Unites aims to harness the power of sport to achieve the Mayor’s ambition of making London the most active and socially integrated city in the world.

The programme will invest in initiatives that use sport to bring people from different backgrounds together, strengthen local communities and improve the physical and mental health of all Londoners.


Sport Unites will:

  • Use sport to improve social integration, reduce prejudice between communities, and ensure isolated Londoners feel better connected and supported.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of inactive Londoners by giving them chances to be physically active.
  • Develop the (paid and volunteer) sport workforce.
  • Invest in talented young Londoners from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Increase awareness of ‘sport for social integration’
  • Invest in thought leadership to showcase our bold decision to make social integration outcomes a priority focus.
  • Use sports technology to make Londoners healthier, happier, integrated and more active.

Sport Unites’ key principles are:

  • Top-down and bottom-up – A combination of traditional ‘top-down’ funding, as well as ‘bottom-up’ approaches. This will allow investment decisions and priorities to be shaped by communities.
  • Small grants and larger longer-term investment – London Together Fund (large grants) will help organisations to develop their human capital. Smaller grants will support local grassroots projects.
  • Diverse portfolio of organisations and incentives for collaboration – National governing bodies, traditional sports clubs and sports charities will be funded. We will also invest in community organisations who have well established relationships with their communities.
  • Diverse ‘risk profile’ – We will invest in both existing and innovative organisations and modes of delivery. This will help to identify what works, what doesn't, and why. We will also create a thought leadership programme to share lessons learned.
  • Investment in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) – We will invest in M&E from the outset. We will also support organisations to collect data that provides evidence of their impact.