The Mayor's vision for sport in London

The Mayor has published his strategy for sport and physical activity in London. This strategy sets out his vision for London to be the most active and socially-integrated city in the world.

Titled ‘Sport for All of Us’, the final strategy includes revisions based on feedback from the public consultation process.

Sport for All of Us

From the throngs of fans at Wimbledon to the local tai chi group, the Mayor has an unwavering belief in the power of sport to bring Londoners together and to improve their lives.

The Mayor’s strategy for sport – Sport for All of Us – supports his long-term vision to make London the most active and socially-integrated city in the world.

Sport for All of Us explores how community sport and major sporting events come together to foster social integration, get Londoners active, build stronger communities and reinforce London’s position as a pre-eminent destination for major sporting events.

An overview of the strategy

London’s sporting scene – now and the future 

Sport for All of Us outlines the current state of London’s sporting landscape and identifies how we can build on past successes and embrace future opportunities.

It also highlights City Hall’s expertise and London’s experience in the provision of sport compared to other global cities. Sport for All of Us recognises the challenges London faces, including:

  • Thirty-eight per cent of adults in London are inactive according to Chief Medical Officer physical activity guidelines
  • London has around half the number of leisure facilities per 100,000 people compared to the rest of the country
  • London’s local authorities have suffered substantial reductions in their expenditure – affecting the amount spent on physical activity and sport.

Not only has our work in sport positively impacted the lives of Londoners, it has positioned City Hall as a thought leader and influenced governing bodies across the country. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has lauded our approach in their own sports strategy, saying, “The GLA has, for some years, used a system under which grants for sport need to reach a certain proportion of inactive people. Sport England will, in future, adopt a similar approach with their major grants programmes.”

Our success in sport is underpinned by the role of Team London, the Mayor’s volunteering programme. Team London encourages all Londoners to become active citizens and to give their time to make the capital a better place. Team London provides a strong starting point for expanding and developing the way in which sport and volunteering can bring people together and improve social integration.

Our valued partnerships bring Sport for All of Us to life. We work closely with leading organisations that share our aim of encouraging more people to be physically active. The close alignment between our goals, and those of other organisations, fosters valuable collaborative partnership.

Sport Unites

At the heart of Sport for All of Us is the Mayor’s ground-breaking community sports programme, Sport Unites. Sport Unites supports the Mayor’s ambition to make London the first city in the world to maximise the potential of sport to improve social integration.

Between 2018-2021, the Mayor is funding key projects that help to bring Londoners together and get them active.

Sport Unites represents a new approach to community sport. Rather than having a sole emphasis on increasing participation rates, the programme’s defining feature is its focus on social integration – a core priority of the Mayor’s wider work. Sport Unites centres on three themes:

  • Theme 1: Sport for Social Integration
  • Theme 2: Active Londoners
  • Theme 3: Workforce, Tech and Capacity Building  

The Sport Unites programme reinforces the relationship between community sport and major sporting events. After all, both areas deliver meaningful opportunities for Londoners to engage with sport and physical activity.

Sport Unites provides funding to sporting and non-sporting organisations. Find out more about funding opportunities

London as the sporting capital of the world

Sport for All of Us supports the Mayor’s commitment to make London the undisputed sporting capital of the world.

Maximising the benefits of hosting major sporting events

Major sporting events help to promote London as one of the best cities to visit, live in and invest in. As a global city, Londoners appreciate and celebrate the very best that the world has to offer – as seen through the record crowds we attract to our major sporting events.

City Hall works with a range of stakeholders to ensure that our events bring both economic and social benefits to the capital. Our major sporting events framework formalises City Hall’s collaborative approach to bidding for and supporting major events. It also establishes the Mayor’s Office as the strategic lead and the first point of contact for anyone looking to bring their major sporting event to London.

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games reaffirmed London as a global leader for hosting major sporting events. In the four years that immediately followed these games, major sporting events generated £1 billion in direct economic impact to the London economy. London continues to win accolades for its events and has an array of world-class facilities that contribute to the capital’s attractiveness as a host city.

As well as being home to six Premier League clubs, many major international sports leagues – including the NBA and NFL – have made London a regular fixture on their annual season calendar. World-class events shine the spotlight on London, allowing us to promote the capital as a thriving business and tourist destination.

Read the full Sport for All of Us strategy.

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