About SafeStats

SafeStats is a unique and secure data platform hosting a variety of crime and community safety datasets from key organisations in one place. SafeStats has been built up incrementally since 2001 when it was part of the Government Office for London, and has been managed and hosted by the GLA Intelligence Unit since 2006.

The web-based portal provides instant access to the rawest forms of these data which together provide the most rounded picture of crime hotspots in London, and a variety of tools to use for different strategic and operational analysis.

Access to the portal is restricted to authorised personnel from public safety authorities, agencies and services across London, however aggregated SafeStats data that is suitable for public disclosure is also placed publicly on the London Datastore.

SafeStats is often used nationally and internationally as a model for sharing crime data. An example is the collaboration with the developers of the ‘Cardiff model’ showing how sharing anonymised emergency department assault data from London’s hospitals between public agencies can reduce crime.

For more information on the datasets, direct access to the portal, and how to get in touch or obtain access, please return to the SafeStats homepage.

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