Park Royal Atlas

Date published: 
30 May 2014

Following months of surveying and interviews the Park Royal Atlas is a crucial study of the businesses currently operating in Park Royal, London’s largest industrial area. Park Royal is a vital manufacturing hub, providing Londoners with everything from bread and fruit juice to fully fitted Ambulance Cars.

The Mayor is exploring the possibility of creating a Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC) for Park Royal. Old Oak Common, located in the eastern corner of Park Royal, is set to be transformed when a ‘super hub’ High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail Station is built by 2026.

While the redevelopment of Old Oak Common will provide much needed homes and jobs for London, new pressures and opportunities will come about for the area’s thriving multitude of small businesses. The Atlas is well positioned to inform the future direction of the area providing the basis of an informed dialogue between businesses, local communities and the public sector on how to strengthen and enhance the area’s important industrial offer.

Read the full report.

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