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Local Plan Responses – within and outside London

London Borough Local Plan consultations

The London boroughs are responsible for preparing Local Plans (previously called Local Development Frameworks) for their own areas, but must ensure that they conform generally to the Mayor's London Plan. A Local Plan can be a single document or consist of a number of different documents such as a Core Strategies, Site Allocations Policies and Area Action Plans). In addition to these development plan documents a borough may produce other documents to support the implementation of its Local Plan, for example Supplementary Planning Documents.

London boroughs consult the Mayor at different stages in the production of Local Plan documents and for other documents related to the borough’s Local Plan. The Mayor’s response to these consultations will depend on the strategic planning issues raised by the consultation document.

When a borough publishes a proposed submission development plan document, it is required to requests the Mayor’s formal opinion on whether the local plan is in general conformity with the London Plan. The Mayor gives an opinion on general conformity with the London Plan within 6 week from the date of the request is made.

A list of the Mayor’s response letters to Local Plan consultations can be seen below. 

Neighbourhood Plan consultations in London

Neighbourhood Plans (formally called neighbourhood development plans) gives communities the ability to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development of their local area. A Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the development plan and sits alongside the Local Plan prepared by the local planning authority. In London it is generally a neighbourhood forum that leads on the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plans with the assistance of the local planning authority.

Neighbourhood Plans in London have to be in general conformity with the London Plan and are also required to be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Local Plan. The Mayor is a statutory consultation body for Neighbourhood Plans in London and he is consulted at the pre-submission stage of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Mayor’s response letters to neighbourhood plans are listed together with the Local Plan responses for the relevant borough.

Responses by the Mayor to Local Plans outside London

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new ‘duty to co-operate’ on planning authorities as part of the process of preparing development plans and associated documents. The Mayor is required to co-operate with other Local Authorities in the preparation of their plans. This includes not just the London Boroughs, but also planning authorities beyond London. The Mayor receives consultation and engagement requests from planning authorities outside London. The Mayor’s responds to matters of strategic importance to London, for example strategic policies for housing, employment and infrastructure. The Mayor’s involvement is most effective at an early stage in the plan making process.

Under his Duty to Co-operate (DTC) with planning authorities outside London, he has responded to strategic matters of emerging plans. The Mayor’s responses are available to download below. Please note that Transport for London responds separately to these consultation requests.

National Planning Policy Guidance states that ‘cooperation between the Mayor, boroughs and local planning authorities bordering London will be vital to ensure that important strategic issues, such as housing delivery and economic growth, are planned effectively’. The Mayor supports and encourages this through his planning activities (see Mayor’s engagement with the wider south east – in particular Mayor’s duties to consult and inform).

Responses-London Borough Local Plan consultations from June 2014

The Mayor’s response to London borough Local Plan consultations from June 2014


London Borough

Consultation document

Date of response


Draft Development Management Policies Document and associated alterations to the Core Strategy and Policies Map


City of London

City of London Local Plan
Schedule of Proposed Pre-Submission Modifications May 2014



North East Enfield draft Area Action Plan



Publication of Local Plan part 2 (Reg. 19)

  • Development Management Policies.
  • Site Allocations and Designations 
  • Policies Map



Consultation on the Schedule of Suggested Minor Changes to the Local Plan Proposed Submission


London Legacy Development Corporation

Local Plan – Regulation 19 Publication Consultation



Preferred Options Extension- Alternative Development Strategies



Local Plan (2nd Proposed Submission)  comprises

  • Core Strategy
  • Development Management Policies Document
  • Local Plan Site Specific Allocations Document:



Westminster's City Plan: city management policies revision :

  • Design
  • Health, Well-being and Personal Safety
  • Open Space and Green Infrastructure
  • Planning and Pollution Control;
  • Public Realm and Advertisements
  • Transport and Movement


Responses to Local Plan consultations from outside London

The Mayor’s response to Local Plan consultations from authorities outside London 


Local Authority

Consultation document

Date of response

Response letter download


LP Publication Version Mayor of London response



Bedford BC

Local Plan 2032 Consultation – Mayor’s response



Bedford BC

Local Plan 2032 Consultation – Mayor’s follow up response PDF


Bedford - follow up response 

Brentwood -

LP Growth Options - Mayor of London response




LP Initial Consultation Mayor of London response




LP Issues and Options Mayor of London response



Elmbridge BC

Duty to Cooperate Scoping Consultation – Mayor’s response



St Albans

Draft Local Plan - Mayor of London response


St Albans