Former Biscuit Factory public hearing

In their role of making strategic planning decisions, the Mayor may occasionally take over an application, therefore becoming the local planning authority. They must then hold a public hearing before deciding whether or not to grant planning permission. 

In this instance, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, took over the application for the redevelopment of Former Biscuit Factory and LeSoCo campus. 

Background to the public hearing

On 24 April 2019 Southwark advised the Mayor that it was minded to refuse permission for the redevelopment proposals for Former Biscuit Factory

On 7 May 2019, having considered a report on the case, the Mayor notified Southwark that he would act as the local planning authority for the purposes of determining the planning applications (under article 7 of the Mayor of London Order and the powers conferred by Section 2A of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act). 

The local authority for this case is 17/AP/4088. The GLA reference is 3776a.

GLA documents

The Mayor's initial stage 1 and 2 reports and decision letters can be downloaded here

Public consultation 26 September - 28 October 2019

 Subsequent to the direction that the Mayor will become the local planning authority, the Applicant has submitted to the Mayor revisions to the Application.

The revisions make amendments to plans and planning documents submitted as part of the Application, and include:

• an increase in the number of residential units from 1,342 to 1,548 (+206);
• the provision of 35% affordable housing (habitable rooms) (increased from 27.37%);
• changes to affordable housing tenure mix to provide 30% of the affordable offer as social rent equivalent homes and 70% as discounted market rent;
• an increase in employment floorspace (Class B1) from 12,023 sq.m. to 14,666 sq.m (GEA) (+2,643 sq.m.);
• a reduction in flexible retail floorspace (Class A1/A3/A4) from 3,795 sq.m. to 3,436 sq.m. (GEA) (-359 sq.m.);
• a reduction in flexible multi-use floorspace (Class A1/A3/A4/D1) in building BF-F from 3,882 sq.m. to 3,311 sq.m. (GEA) (-571 sq.m.);
• an increase in height between 1-7 storeys of Blocks BF-RST, BF-W, BF-DE, BF-OPQ, BF-F, BF-5 and BF-U&V; with associated amendments to elevational treatment and massing;
• alterations to the configuration of public realm, landscaping and playspace;
• alterations to the footprint of Blocks BF-RT and BF-DE;
• replacement of all standard residential car parking with blue-badge (wheelchair accessible) parking spaces;
• improvements to residential quality including the addition of 392 private balconies to residential units;
• alterations to transport and servicing strategy;
• an addition of 683 cycle parking spaces; and,
• revision to application site boundary to include an additional alternative railway arch.
The Applicant has also submitted to the Mayor other information under Regulation 25 of the EIA Regulations in relation to the Environmental Statement which accompanied the Application.
The revisions and other information can be inspected by members of the public at all reasonable hours (between 9am and 5pm) at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA until 5pm on 28 October 2019.

Copies of these documents are also available to view at the following locations:
• Southwark Council website at: (using ref: 17/AP/4088).
• GLA website at:
Anyone who wishes to make representations about the revisions to the Application and/or the other information should send these in writing to the Greater London Authority at one of the following addresses:

Email address:  [email protected]
Postal address:  Biscuit Factory Public Hearing, The Planning Team, Greater London Authority, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA
Any representations must be received by the Greater London Authority by 5pm 28 October 2019.
The Application will not be decided before the consultation period ends. Comments received after the date referred to above, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account but failure to meet this deadline could result in your comments not being considered.

How to comment on the application

If you wish to make any further representations on this application you can email [email protected]. You can make representations up until the hearing. 

Representation hearing

A date has not yet been set for the hearing. As soon as one has this web page will be updated with the details. In addition, anyone who has written to either Southwark or the Mayor will be notified directly at least 14 days in advance of the hearing.  

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