Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP)

The Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) was published as the updated 2015 London Plan in March 2015 following public consultation and a full Examination in Public

A timeline of the process that led to FALP’s adoption is outlined below. Links to key documents are provided.

Public consultation 15 January - 10 April 2014

Consultation on the draft FALP began on 15th January 2014 and ran for 12 weeks. A formal launch of the document took place on 31st January. A number of consultation events took place throughout London as part of the consultation process, plus an event was held for the wider south east on 28 March.

Note that the changes to table 6.1 were shown in a separate document. The Integrated Impact Assessment appraising the FALP was also published as part of the consultation process.

Errata sheets for both FALP and the IIA were published on 15 January.

Suggested changes July 2014

On 7 July 2014 the Mayor published a schedule of ‘suggested changes’ to the draft FALP in advance of the upcoming Examination in Public (EiP). These were prepared following a thorough review of consultation responses, consisting of minor clarifications, corrections and factual updates to the draft FALP. As such, these issues did not need to be covered during the EiP.

Examination in Public, September 2014

Anthony Thickett was appointed by the Secretary of State as the independent planning inspector to carry out the EiP of the draft plan. This ran from 1 - 18 September 2014 and took place in City Hall. You can find full details at the FALP EiP webpages.

In response to issues discussed at the hearings, the Mayor submitted suggested changes to the Draft FALP to the EiP. These were published as FALP consolidated with the suggested changes in October 2014.

On 12 December 2014, the Mayor published Mr Thickett’s report. He agreed to accept the Inspector’s recommendations and approved the ‘intend to publish FALP’.

Review by the Secretary of State and the London Assembly

On 15 December 2014, the Mayor sent the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government a copy of FALP as he intended to publish it, and his response to the FALP Examination in Public inspector’s recommendations.

In reply, Brandon Lewis, the Minister of State for Planning and Housing, wrote to the Mayor on 27 January 2015 to confirm that he was content for the Mayor to publish FALP.

FALP letter from Minister of State for Housing and Planning

The FALP were submitted to the London Assembly on 28 January. The Assembly held a Plenary meeting on 6 February 2015 to consider FALP, at which the FALP were not rejected.

London Assembly Plenary 6 February 2015 agenda and minutes

On 26 February 2015 the Mayor agreed that he would publish (i.e. adopt) FALP in March 2015. 

FALP publication March 2015

On 10 March 2015 the Mayor published the London Plan 2015, which includes the alterations set out in FALP. From this date these alterations are operative as formal alterations to the London Plan (the Mayor’s spatial development strategy) and form part of the development plan for London.

FALP evidence base

The evidence base for the FALP can be found at the UK web archive

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