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What is the new London Plan?

The London Plan

The London Plan is the statutory Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London prepared by the Mayor of London (“the Mayor”) in accordance with the Greater London Authority Act 1999 (as amended) (“the GLA Act”) and associated regulations.

The legislation requires the London Plan to include the Mayor’s general policies in respect of the development and use of land in Greater London and statements dealing with general spatial development aspects of his other strategies. The Mayor is required to have regard to the need to ensure that the London Plan is consistent with national policies . When published in its final form the Plan will comprise part of the statutory development plan for Greater London.

The current 2016 Plan (The London Plan consolidated with alterations since 2011) is still the adopted Development Plan, but the Draft London Plan is a material consideration in planning decisions. The significance given to it is a matter for the decision maker, but it gains more weight as it moves through the process to adoption.

The Plan is at an advanced stage.  Policies contained in the Intend to Publish (ItP) London Plan published in December 2019 that are not subject to a direction by the Secretary of State carry significant weight.

Steps towards publication



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