London Office Policy Reviews

To help us to understand the ever-changing office market we have commissioned a series of independently produced reports called the London Office Policy Reviews (LOPR). These reviews assess existing office supply, trends in office supply and demand and employment projections to help inform our policies.

LOPR 2012 and 2014 projections update

The most recent LOPR, produced by Ramidus Consulting with Roger Tym and Partners, was published in September 2012.

LOPR 2012 includes the following:

  • A review of office-based employment projections and estimates of office floor space needed to inform future alterations to the London Plan

  • An assessment of the impact of recent economic events on different parts of the London office market, and those which might be anticipated in the future

  • A review of London Plan town centre office development guidelines and associated policy proposals

  • An investigation of the ‘mega-schemes’ identified in LOPR 2009, their implications for office development within the Central Activities Zones, on its fringes, or beyond

  • Consideration of the potential for conversion of surplus office space to other uses, especially residential, in different parts of London

  • An overview of hybrid office/industrial buildings, their locational attributes and implications for office, industrial, transport and other polices.

The office employment forecasts used in LOPR 2012 were updated in 2014 to inform the Further Alterations to the London Plan.

Past reviews

London Office Policy Reviews are available to download from the following years:

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