The London Plan Implementation Plan

The London Plan Implementation Plan provides details of the major challenges and proposals to tackle them across a range of policy areas.

What is the London Plan Implementation Plan?

The London Plan Implementation Plan sets out how the policies in the London Plan will be turned into practical action. It provides a framework for translating the trends and policies in the London Plan into investment proposals and decisions. It also lists key actions.

The Implementation Plan intends to:

  • help in the organisation and collaboration of activities required to make the policies of the London Plan a reality
  • inform developers and all delivery partners who need to understand the envisaged implementation actions and strategic infrastructure provision in relation to the London Plan
  • provide communities with the information they need to get involved in the development of their area
  • help boroughs in terms of the wider context for their local implementation and infrastructure planning and the preparation for their Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Please note the infrastructure component of the Implementation Plan has been superseded by the 2050 Infrastructure Plan, which is also available to download from our website.

The document

The First London Plan Implementation Plan was published in January 2013.

The London Plan Implementation Plan 1 – January 2013

Chapter 3 provides details of the infrastructure required to support the capital’s growth. It contains specific sections on transport, water, energy, waste, telecommunications, social infrastructure and green infrastructure. However, this has been superseded by the 2050 Infrastructure Plan.

The key strategic implementation actions for the GLA Group, partner organisations and delivery agencies covering all policy areas are set out in Annex 1.

The future of the Implementation Plan is being reviewed.

The Implementation Group

The Implementation Group was established in 2011 to support the preparation and review of the London Plan Implementation Plan.

The aims of the Implementation Group are to:

  • assist in providing the Mayor with data or potential sources of data required for the development and updating of the Implementation Plan;
  • assist in providing the Mayor with advice and analysis;
  • assist in suggesting and delivering actions for inclusion in the Implementation Plan;
  • assist in making policy recommendations to the Mayor on matters relating to implementation and infrastructure planning for possible inclusion in the London Plan and/or other strategies.

The Group is chaired and managed by GLA officers and consists of:

  • representatives of strategic infrastructure delivery agencies
  • local authority officers
  • community representatives
  • other key stakeholders involved in infrastructure planning.

The future of the Group is being reviewed.

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