Accessible and specialist older persons housing locator

This locator tool aims to help people find out where in London accessible and/or specialist older persons housing is being built.

How to use the tool

Use as many of the filters as you wish for your search. The results will be presented in a table and on a map, which can be switched off if you prefer. Only the table will be displayed if you are accessing this tool on a mobile device.

To search for a specific location, select 'Show all properties in this place or postcode' and type a postcode, street or area name in the search box. A list of matching places or postcodes will be displayed below. Make sure to select one from the list, otherwise the search will return no results. By default the distance search applies to the selected location only. Use the 'Distance' drop down list to increase the search radius to either 500m, 1,000m or 2,500m.

All developments that meet the search criteria, starting from 1 October 2015, will be displayed. Developments granted prior to this date will not feature in the results.

The following definitions should assist you with your search:

Accessible and adaptable homes

These homes are designed so that common access adaptations can be installed if needed. They also provide certain design features from the outset which makes them more usable for many disabled people and older people. Examples of features include:

  • step-free access into the home, as well as to any associated parking and communal facilities
  • step-free access from the main entrance door to certain features within the home, including the toilet
  • enough space in bedrooms to easily move around the bed
  • reinforced walls to any WC, cloakroom, bathroom or shower room to allow easy fitting of grabrails or wall-mounted seats
  • wall-mounted switches, sockets and other controls which are reasonably accessible for people with limited reach

These homes will generally not be accessible or easily adaptable for wheelchair users.

In planning and building regulations accessible and adaptable homes are also known as M4(2). Further information on their design features can be found in Approved Document M volume 1 of the Building Regulations (2015).

Homes for wheelchair users

These homes are designed to be suitable, or easily adaptable, for wheelchair users. Examples of features include:

  • step-free access to any private outside space and associated parking/ communal facilities
  • step-free access within the home to an accessible WC and other rooms within the entrance storey
  • sufficient internal space for wheelchair users and the storage of wheelchairs 
  • wall-mounted switches, controls and socket outlets located to be accessible for wheelchair users
  • key aspects of the home, including bathroom and toilet facilities and kitchens are easily usable or can be easily altered to suit a wheelchair user

In planning and building regulations homes for wheelchair users are also known as M4(3). Further information on their design features can be found in Approved Document M volume 1 of the Building Regulations (2015).

Specialist older persons housing

These are purpose-built self-contained homes for older people. They are often flats. In general, they are within a development:

  • that is specifically designed and managed for people over 55 years (this minimum age could be higher)
  • that provides a range of additional communal facilities, which could include a communal lounge, a café or restaurant and laundry facilities
  • where residents often have the option to buy in additional services such as cleaning, support or care

This type of housing does not include residential nursing care accommodation, hospices, nursing care units or dementia care home accommodation.

Affordable housing

This is housing which is provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. For the purposes of this tool, this includes:

  • Social Rent
  • Affordable Rent
  • London Affordable Rent
  • Intermediate Rent
  • Discount Market Sale
  • Discount Market Rent
  • London Living Rent
  • Starter Home

Schemes are only included if they contain both affordable homes and either accessible or specialist older persons housing. You can also search for affordable homes to buy on the Homes for Londoners property search.

How can I find out more?

The Locator uses information from granted planning applications from the London Development Database. If you require further information about a particular development, you can visit the relevant planning authority's website and enter the reference number into their planning application search tool.

We welcome feedback from users of this tool. If have any feedback you would like to share with us, please send it to: [email protected]

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