Surplus former Safer Neighbourhood Bases

Reference code: 
DMPCD 2016 38
Date signed: 
17 March 2016
Authorisation name: 
Stephen Greenhalgh (past staff), Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Executive summary

In line with the Estate Strategy to rationalise the MPS estate a number of Safer Neighbourhood bases that are not used by the public have been identified as surplus to requirements and are proposed for closure.  One site also houses a contact point which will be re-located to a nearby facility.  The cost to decommission all 15 sites is estimated at £300k, and releasing the sites will generate full year revenue savings of £423k.


The DMPC is asked to

  1. Note the operational position and subject to suitable communication, approve the closure of 15 surplus Safer Neighbourhood (SN) Bases not used by the public that are no longer required for operational purposes,
  2. Approve, subject to the implementation of appropriate arrangements for the relocation of the 1 Contact Point (CP) located within 1 of these 15 sites, the closure of the single CP, and
  3. Approve the termination of the leasehold interests in these 15 properties noting the revenue savings that will be made.


Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

Introduction and background


  1.          In 2013 MOPAC approved the Estates Strategy 2013-16 and Policing and Public Access in London.  The latter set out for each borough the 24 hour police station, front counter and contact point facilities and safer neighbourhood deployment bases.
  2.          As ways of working and engagement have developed over the last three years MPS has continued, within the principles of the Estate Strategy and Policing and Public Access in London, to review the number and location of sites.


  1. Issues for consideration


  1.          Fifteen safer neighbourhood team deployment sites which the public do not use have been identified as no longer being in use and it is proposed that these are closed and the leases surrendered. The detail of the specific sites are set out in Appendix 1
  2.          In addition, one of the fifteen, Colham House in Hillingdon, accommodates a Contact Point.  The proposal is that the contact point is relocated to Uxbridge Library which is less than 100m from the current location.  The existing Contact Point will not be closed until the alternative arrangement is in operation.


  1. Financial Comments


3.1         The cost of decommissioning the fifteen sites is estimated at £300k, and is to be funded from the major Change Fund.  The release of the 15 surplus sites will generate annual full year revenue savings of £423k.      


  1. Legal Comments


4.1         The MOPAC has the power to dispose of surplus properties (including land) under paragraph 7 (2) (b) of Schedule 3 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (“the Act”). Furthermore, paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 3 of the Act allows the MOPAC to do anything which is calculated to facilitate or is conducive or incidental to the exercise of the functions of the office. Schedule 4(5) of the Act states the Commissioner must exercise the power of direction and control in such a way as is reasonable to assist the MOPAC to exercise that Office’s functions.


4.2         The report confirms that this represents the best option that will support the delivery of a leaner estate which is lower in cost to run and is fit for purpose complying with modern standards, and will therefore assist MOPAC securing the maintenance of the Metropolitan Police Service, and ensure that it is efficient and effective, as required under Section 3(6) (b) of the Act.


  1. Equality Comments


5.1         There are considered to be no equality or diversity issues arising as a result of this proposal.