Our People at MOPAC

Our staff

MOPAC is headed by Mayor of London and the Deputy Mayor for Policing & Crime. Rebecca Lawrence is the Chief Executive and leads the staff team at MOPAC.

MOPAC aims to live up to the same standards that it expects of the Metropolitan Police Service and we value equality and diversity.

We ensure that the process for raising any concerns employees have about the way business is coducted is simple, effective and confidential wherever possible, as set out in the our whistle blowing policy.

At 31 March 2017 we had 109 members of staff, and a breakdown of the diversity of our workforce showed that:

  • 64 (59%) staff members are female
  • 21 (19%) are of an ethnic minority
  • 7 (6%) are disabled

A summary of our overall gender pay gap is available.

An audit of ethnicity and pay at MOPAC is also available.

The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 requires MOPAC to publish a register of each offer of a gift or hospitality made to members of staff. The Gifts and Hospitality Register contains offers since March 2017. Prior to this, the register was published as part of MOPAC’s quarterly report to the MOPAC-MPS Joint Audit Panel.


Senior staff

We publish a table showing our senior salary information which includes details of:

  • salary bands
  • budget including staff
  • number of staff reporting to the role


Our senior management team are:

  • Rebecca Lawrence, Chief Executive
  • Julie Norgrove, Director of Audit, Risk and Assurance
  • Siobhan Peters, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Wylie, Director of Strategy
  • Sam Cunningham, Acting Director of Integrated Offender Management, Programmes and Neighbourhoods
  • Claire Waxman, Victims' Commisioner for London


Organisation structure

Our organisation chart reflects the structure of our directorates and shows the posts with their reporting lines and grades.


To contact MOPAC please visit our contact us page.

We welcome all applications to current vacancies.