Current MOPAC bidding opportunities

Our current tender opportunities for work commissioned by MOPAC will be posted below.

The Mayor's VAWG Fund

In February 2019, following an increase in demand and cuts in central government funding, the Mayor committed to invest £15 million of new money across a three-year period to improve and increase the support that is available to victims and survivors of VAWG. The overarching premise of the fund is to tackle the issues facing service providers and to do this quickly. The fund will be distributed from this financial year and it is expected to make an impact on issues such as demand, reach and resilience in the sector. 

There are four key areas of the Mayor’s VAWG Fund.

1.    Maintain existing investment - £1.35million of the fund has been fast tracked to existing MOPAC funded services with a focus on increasing advocacy support, counselling provision and future proofing forensic medical services.

2.    Sustain current innovation – MOPAC is working with the Home Office to fund three bespoke programmes of work that aim to better meet the needs of better meet the needs of survivors of sexual violence and tackle repeat perpetrators of stalking and domestic abuse. These innovation programmes are in their final year of delivery and MOPAC will be working with providers, local authorities and PCC’s across the country to analyse and review the programmes to establish whether there is scope to sustain them in their current form or whether they require service review to continue.

3.    Competitive grant allocation – developing grass-roots based provision.  Competitive grant allocation will focus on developing grass roots-based provision through a fund management arrangement with a credible VCS provider, their role will be to develop and support the growth and networking of community-based organisation responding to VAWG in London. Further information will be made available over the summer period.

4.    Managing an increase in demand - A significant percentage of the Mayor’s VAWG Fund will be awarded to voluntary and community sector providers to manage the surging demand on services in London . This will recognise the increase in complexities of cases and severity of violence faced by victims and survivors. This fund will be made available as a biddable competitive fund and will focus on services that support victims and survivors of VAWG where there is an increase in demand due to an increase in VAWG related offences, this strand will also consider how improvements can be made victim engagement and responses from wider statutory partners. – This is called the VAWG Services Fund.

The bidding process for Tranche 4 – The VAWG Services Fund, opened on 31st July 2019 and will close after 6 weeks. There will be a Logic model evaluation overview and networking event in mid-August (Date TBC). Please check back here for updates or email us.

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 VAWG Services Fund Prospectus

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 VAWG Services Fund Proposal Submission - Correction, 21st August - Point 2.1 of the proposal submission form
A Data Protection Impact assessment is not required for the bid submission, however a clear evidenced explanation of how your organisation complies with Data Protection complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, and any other applicable privacy and data protection legislation.

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 VAWG Services Fund Budget Template

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 VAWG Services Fund Declaration

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Engagement Pack

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Engagement event Q&A

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 Clarification Questions

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 Clarification Questions 16th August - updated 21st August

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 Clarification Questions 4th September

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Sample Grant Agreement - for reference only

Presentation 1 – August 12th – Networking Event Overview presentation

Presentation 2 – August 12th – Networking Event Evaluation presentation

Mayor's VAWG Fund - Tranche 4 Clarification Questions 23rd August


Mayor’s VAWG Fund – Grant Fund Manager for Developing Grass-Roots Provision in the VAWG Sector
MOPAC has published a tender to appoint a fund manager to establish and manage a fund (the VAWG Grassroots Fund) focussed on supporting grass-roots provision in the VAWG sector. The Fund Manager will facilitate networking between, and promote accessibility to, the Mayor’s VAWG Fund for grassroots organisations responding to VAWG in London, as well as deploying grants to relevant specialist organisations.
The VAWG Grassroots Fund will be focussed on developing and bolstering grassroots-based VAWG provision across London through a fund management arrangement. By appointing a fund manager, MOPAC is seeking to develop and support networking between, and accessibility to, the Fund for grassroots organisations responding to VAWG in London, as well as enabling the deployment of grants to relevant specialist organisations over a minimum 24-month commissioning delivery period. The focus is to be on sustainability and not short-term innovation.
Organisations interested in bidding for this opportunity can read all the tender documentation and instructions on how to bid.
The deadline for the return of tenders is 12 noon, 4 October 2019.

Services that support young victims of violence in A&E – bidding

MOPAC is commissioning an A&E based service to identify vulnerable young people (aged 12 to 25 years) and help them to access and engage the support they need – delivering interventions directly where necessary – to prevent any escalation of violence and reduce the risk of repeat victimisation and exploitation.

Clinically embedded youth workers will liaise with clinicians to identify and engage with victims of youth violence who present at the A&E with assault-related injuries including (but not limited to) gunshot wounds and stabbing. 

The embedded youth workers will also proactively identify vulnerable young people who present at the A&E and engage with them to understand whether their presentation at A&E is related to issues including (but not limited to) Child Sexual Exploitation, trafficking and gang-membership.

Young people will be assessed and provided with an appropriate package of support as well as being given an onward referral to other specialist agencies and organisations. The youth workers will provide support as needed to ensure that the young people engage with services. 

The Invitation to Tender has now been published (Registration required to access ItT documentation). This has a closing date of 24th October 2019. The information contained within the Invitation to Tender provides the final description and specification of the service and supersedes any information provided at previous stages.


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