Current MOPAC bidding opportunities

Our current tender opportunities for work commissioned by MOPAC will be posted below.

Services that support young victims of violence in A&E – bidding

MOPAC is commissioning an A&E based service to identify vulnerable young people (aged 12 to 25 years) and help them to access and engage the support they need – delivering interventions directly where necessary – to prevent any escalation of violence and reduce the risk of repeat victimization and exploitation.

Clinically embedded youth workers will liaise with clinicians to identify and engage with victims of youth violence who present at the A&E with assault-related injuries including (but not limited to) gunshot wounds and stabbing. 

The embedded youth workers will also proactively identify vulnerable young people who present at the A&E and engage with them to understand whether their presentation at A&E is related to issues including (but not limited to) Child Sexual Exploitation, trafficking and gang-membership. 

Young people will be assessed and provided with an appropriate package of support as well as being given an onward referral to other specialist agencies and organisations. The youth workers will provide support as needed to ensure that the young people engage with services. 

For further details please read the Prior Information Notification which can be found here

A market event for interested organisations and clinical leads was held on June 4th. Slides from the event can be found here. A transcript of questions asked and answers given can be found here.

Victims of crime - Small Grants Fund

A large proportion of services for victims of crime are delivered by small voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.  MOPAC operates a Victims Fund consisting of small grants that seek to improve cooperation and collaboration between providers, with the ultimate aim of providing end-to-end victim services that are led by the victim’s needs and help victims of crime to cope and recover.  The small grants fund is managed by the London Community Foundation and the final round of the fund, for the 2019/20 financial year, is now open.

Since 2015, the Victims Fund has awarded over £3.5 million, including multi-year projects some of which will continue into 2019/20.  The total funding available for 2019/20 is circa £300,000.  Grants of between £10,000 and £35,000 (with a higher cap for partnership bids) are available through an application process.  For further information about the fund, including the application process and forms, please contact the London Community Foundation at