Housing Covenant 2015-18 Programme

London Development Panel

The London Development Panel (LDP) works to accelerate the construction of housing in the capital. It consists of some of the UK’s most experienced housing developers who have a track record of delivering in London. LDP1 began on the 10th May 2013 and has now expired; it can no longer be used.

LDP2 update – April 2018

The first London Development Panel proved successful in procuring development and construction partners for a wide variety of public sites of various scales across London. Building on this success, and in light of the continued priority of boosting housing supply in the capital, the GLA is now procuring a new panel (LDP2) to support public land owners in delivering residential-led development on their land. The new panel will gather together a pool of the capital’s expertise in housing delivery.

The new Panel is being selected through an OJEU compliant procurement process.

The deadline for applications from organisations interested in becoming members of LDP2 has now passed and GLA will not accept late applications.

The GLA is in the final stages of assessing bids and will notify bidders of the outcome in April 2018. The new Panel will go ‘live’ in May 2018. A further update and a new Panel Handbook will be provided soon.

Why use it?

Using the panel has the following benefits:

  • It saves time and money by avoiding a full, time-consuming and expensive procurement process
  • It assists users to provide housing and spur economic growth
  • It brings the confidence associated with using a panel of pre-qualified developers with a track record of successfully providing housing in London
  • It can be used for early market engagement through soft market testing with panel members, which can reduce risk and help to improve the success of a project.

Who can use it?

The LDP is an EU compliant framework. It is available to a wide range of public sector bodies who own land that they wish to bring forward for housing-led development. This includes local authorities, health boards, educational bodies, and police, fire and emergency services. 

To access the panel, users need to sign a simple agreement with us. This is available on request.


What can it be used for?

The panel can be used to procure housing-led development. This includes all activities necessary to construct housing and associated infrastructure, from obtaining planning permission through to the design, construction, marketing and eventual sale of homes. 

The full schedule of services provides further details. 


How does it work?

An LDP procurement process comprises three defined stages:

  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) to all panel members
  • Sifting Brief to those who submitted an EOI
  • A mini competition between those selected through the sifting stage

Following the mini competition, Panel Users are able to access a suite of standard contractual agreements to enable them to contract with their preferred developer. Panel members are familiar with these agreements, which also helps to save time and cost.

Panel users can also contact panel members before issuing EOIs, to undertake soft market testing to explore ideas or seek innovative solutions. This is especially useful for complex or unique sites.  

Further info

The LDP handbook provides further information on the panel and how to use it. If you require further information please contact  [email protected]