New housing development

What is Homes for Londoners?

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to tackle London’s housing crisis. That’s why he’s launched Homes for Londoners. The Mayor will work with local councils, housing associations and developers to build the homes Londoners need.

The Mayor has secured more thn £3bn to help start building 90,000 affordable homes by 2021. These new homes will be both for sale and for rent.

With government support, he’s investing over £3bn to build at least 90,000 affordable homes by 2021.These new homes will be both for sale and for rent.

The Mayor will make renting more affordable through the:

  • London Affordable Rent for people on low incomes
  • London Living Rent for people on average incomes to help them save money for a deposit on their first home

There will also be more shared ownership homes to help Londoners who want to buy but can’t afford market rates.

The Mayor's aim is for half of all new homes in London to be genuinely affordable. He is working with partners to get more affordable homes built on empty public land.

He’s also earmarked up to £50m to deliver move-on accommodation for people leaving hostels and refuges.


Homes for Londoners will build more homes by:

  • making sure the right policies and funding are in place to support developers, investors, housing associations and councils
  • using all land and planning powers to support public and private development, unlocking development sites and bringing forward surplus public land
  • exploring and promoting innovative construction methods, and working with the construction sector to develop the skilled workforce required to build thousands of new homes for Londoners

The Homes for Londoners board, chaired by the Mayor, will oversee and guide all of this work.