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As Mayor of London, I’m on a mission to end homelessness in our city. Will you join me?

How you can help

The mayor has introduced a new rapid response team to help reach rough sleepers sooner and is providing more shelter spaces than ever before. You can help too.

Since November 2018, Londoners have taken


actions to help end homelessness

Actions include:
•    donations made via GoFundMe and TAP London
•    StreetLink London during the campaign
•    sign ups to volunteering updates

What is the Mayor doing?

The mayor is building on the progress of last winter when he opened shelters, plus emergency extra beds when the temperature fell below zero. He also doubled the number of outreach workers.

In addition he is:

  • Is funding 300 extra beds to provide rough sleepers more shelter during the coldest months
  • Launched a rapid response team to reach rough sleepers sooner
  • Is investing over £1 billion to fund 11,000 new council homes for social rent to help address the long-term causes of rough sleeping and the broader housing crisis
  • Is calling on government to invest more in tackling the root causes of homelessness, such as welfare cuts and the lack of affordable housing

Through his Life off the Streets programme, the Mayor is continuing to deliver on London's first ever Rough Sleeping Action plan. He is using all his powers and resources to help end homelessness.


Where does my donation go?

Where does my donation go?
Your donation goes to the London Homeless Collective - a coalition of charities supported by the Mayor. Last winter, Londoners donated over £250,000 to help rough sleepers off the street.

So that Londoners can understand the huge positive impact of their generosity, here are some examples of how the money was spent.

How are we making a difference?

Maureen was one of hundreds of homeless people helped by services that received funding from last winter's appeal. The Housing Justice team put Maureen in touch with a host family with whom she has a safe place to sleep.

Read Maureen's story and find out more about how we are making a difference.

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