Seaside and Country Homes transfer scheme

If you are an existing Seaside & Country Homes scheme tenant and your home is no longer suitable, you may be eligible to request a transfer.

Transfer requests to another Seaside & Country Homes property may be granted if one of the following applies:

  • there is a strong case that your health will be improved through a move
  • family members providing care or support to you have moved, and they now live too far away to carry on providing that support

You must include relevant supporting evidence from a GP or other medical professional outlining the need for a transfer and the health benefits that a transfer would provide. This can be uploaded and submitted with your online application.

If you are unable to apply online, please contact your current landlord and ask for a paper copy of the application form.

For more information, refer to the Seaside & Country Homes Transfer and exceptional moves policy.

You can only apply for a transfer if you are an existing Seaside & Country Homes scheme tenant.

If you are not an existing tenant, you can apply for the scheme online. 

What type and size of property can I apply for?

If your application is successful, you will usually be offered a property similar to the one you have, eg if you currently live in a flat you will only be considered for another flat unless unavoidable. Many Seaside & Country Home locations have just bungalows, some only have flats and a few have both.

You will not be moved to a property with more bedrooms than you currently have unless this is unavoidable (eg if there are no one-bedroom properties in the area you wish to move to) or medical circumstances mean that a two-bedroom property is now necessary (eg you now require a live-in carer).

I was not previously a London tenant, can I still apply for a transfer?

Households who were housed via a local letting and were not nominated by the housing mobility service at the Greater London Authority are not subject to this policy and should they wish to move will be considered within the SCH landlord’s own transfer policy and will only be considered for a transfer to that landlord’s own stock and not another Seaside & Country Homes property.

How is a decision made?

We (Housing Mobility Team) will review your application within three working days of it being submitted.

Our decision will be given in writing (letter or email) to the person named on the application form and their landlord.

We may request more information, this may mean it takes more than three days to give you a decision but you will be informed in writing.

If the request is refused, we will let you know in writing and give reasons why.

If my transfer request is refused, can I appeal?

If you want to appeal against a refusal, or the property you are offered, you need to contact us in writing. You need to include the reason(s) for the appeal and provide any additional supporting information if appropriate.

We will let you know we've received your appeal in writing within 24 hours and tell you when you can expect an outcome. We may contact interested parties for more information if necessary.

What happens if I want to accept or decline the offer?

If you are happy to accept the property after you've have a viewing, the landlord will tell you the tenancy start date and organise the signing of the tenancy agreement.

If you want to refuse the property you must let us know and tell the landlord why. You will only be offered one property so we need to see if the refusal is reasonable. If so, then one further offer will be made but if not, no further offers will be made and the transfer application will be cancelled.

You have the right to appeal this decision.

How long do I have to wait for an offer to be made?

This depends on properties in your preferred area(s) becoming available. We aim to offer a property within 12 months of an application being accepted but this cannot be guaranteed.

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