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London Health Board

The London Health Board (LHB) is a non-statutory group chaired by the Mayor of London comprising elected leaders and key London professional health leads. It was set up in 2013 and has been refocused in light of the London Health Commission's Better Health for London report and the NHS Five Year Forward View

The refocused London Health Board met for the first time in March 2015 and will meet quarterly.

Membership is made up of three parts: 

Our goals

The aim of the Board is to:

  • drive improvements in London’s health and care and  reduce health inequalities
  • encourage the ambition to make London the healthiest global city
  • make the case for investment, power and freedoms to enable the improvement of health and care services and wider issues that effect health in London
  • consider ways of supporting and accelerating the transformation of health and care services in the capital
  • champion public participation in health and support more choice and accountability in health and care services

The London Health Board partner organisations have secured and signed the
London Health and Care Devolution Agreement, meaning that the city will have more control over its healthcare services. They will provide political support as the work develops.

Learn more about London Health and Care Devolution.

Better Health for London

The Mayor set up the London Health Commission in 2013 to find ways to improve health and healthcare services in the city - chaired by Professor the Lord Darzi. The commission engaged with over 15,000 Londoners - here are just a few of their thoughts on making London healthier.

The following year, the Commission published the Better Health for London report, which makes a number of recommendations to improve the health of the city. (You can also find out more in the Mayor's response to the London Health Commission.)

The London Health Board partners have been working together to support Better Health London, outlining and actioning their next steps.

In 2015, The LHB partners published Better Health for London: One Year On - celebrating the work that has made London a healthier city. The Board will continue to support the Commission's goals and recommendations for a healthier London.

Below is a short film looking at the work done in London, one year on from the London Health Commission's bid to make the city and our lives healthier.

Meetings and events

The Board meets four times a year, as well as hosting an annual engagement event (these are non-public). The Board agreed updated terms of reference in December 2016 and have met / will meet on the dates listed below. Select a date to view each meeting's published agendas and minutes.


The Board host an annual engagement event to discuss progress to date and next steps in making London the world’s healthiest city by 2020. This year’s event will be held at City Hall on 21 October 2016.


For any queries relating to the London Health Board please contact:
Gus Wilson, LHB Secretariat Manager by email or tel 020 7983 4120.